Our Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2017 | Top Rated Radar Detectors


Throughout the years, technology has changed and brought about some ingenious products. Some of these make life easier, while others give us the ability to know and understand more than ever before. The radar detector happens to be one of these items. There is nothing in the world that is worse and more annoying that getting a speeding ticket! In order to prevent this from happened, it is vital to utilize a radar detector, which is capable of detecting a law enforcement officer, by spotting their radar gun. When you consider the price and hassle… Continue reading…

What’s The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Dollar?

Radar Speed Control Camera

I am sure that there are plenty of times where we have we been unaware that there was a speed trap set up down the road and as such we either received a ticket on spot from a police man or woman have received one in the mail. Well thankfully there is an invention that can prevent against such occurrences (If it is that you do not want to drive slow or within the prescribed speed limit). Radar detectors have become a revelation in recent times and they have helped a number of persons to… Continue reading…

What Is The Best Radar Detector Under 100 Dollar?


Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance Radar Detector Review The Pro-78SE is a very able and capable radar detector if you are looking for one that fits within your budget of less than one hundred dollars. Actually this is ranked at number one under $100; in fact this represents great value for money being priced at around $90. A high performance radar; the pro-78SE offers an upgrade on the previous version of this model and gives its users heightened sensitivity against bands such as the Ka band as well as reducing false alerts. With the pro-78SE you actually… Continue reading…

A Complete Buying Guide on Choosing a Radar Detector | Buyers Guide


Nowadays, radar detectors seem to have become a pretty important component for all the drivers out there. They seem to be providing the much needed relief from worrying about the police ahead, ready and waiting to hand over to you a speeding ticket. However, let’s first learn a bit about what radar detectors are and the purpose they serve. Keeping the technical stuff aside, radar detectors are simply objects that help you stay informed of the cops ahead while driving, who are looking for people driving at a speed higher than they are allowed to.… Continue reading…

Beltronics Radar Detector Top 10

Radar Speed Control Camera

Are you currently looking to purchase an efficient radar detector that will be able to help you avoid falling prey to a speed trap? Over the years, there have been a number of companies, which have excelled in these products. There is no doubt that Beltronics is one of them. This company has consistently released top quality radar detectors. Of course, each individual product is unique. Below, you will get a better understand of these radar detectors and will be able to take a look at the company’s top 10 products.Types of Beltronics Radar Detectors… Continue reading…

Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

Radar Speed Control Camera

Radar detectors are devices which seem so very useful to a large number of people throughout the world. After all, everyone likes the freedom to drive at a speed they like, though it may not always be beneficial for both them and others. However, getting ticketed for speeding for any other offense surely isn’t something one would like to come across. So maybe it’s worth knowing about the laws governing the use of radar detectors for those who drive in a responsible manner. And if you are looking for the best police detector check our… Continue reading…

Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector Review

Radar Speed Control Camera

We all drive around with that worry; wondering if there is a speed detector up ahead, if we will get caught and subsequently get a ticket. Well the good thing is that escort passports are now available. Today I’ll be doing a review about the Escort Max2 HD Radar Detector; I know you will find it useful. ESCORT PASSPORT MAX2 HD RADAR DETECTOR What I like about this escort detector is the fact that this seems to be advanced amongst the escort detectors available on the market. The manufacturers were actually able to incorporate into… Continue reading…

What’s the Best Place to Mount a Radar Detector?


Understanding how a radar detector work may help you use it effectively. However, there’s something more to learn. Learning to properly mount a radar detector may turn out to be pretty useful as well. After all, if you simply slap it onto the dash of your vehicle it may not work as well as it actually could. In fact, if not mounted properly, it may not work very effectively, and offer a lower range. Hence, you also need to understand where and how to mount your radar detector the right way in order to make… Continue reading…

How Does a Radar Detector Work?


Radar detectors have been growing tremendously popular at a surprisingly fast pace. This could be due to the fact that they solve a major problem of most drivers out there, which is avoiding to be ticketed for speeding.A radar detector is actually a pretty simple device whose sole purpose is to alert the driver of the police ahead. This, in turn, gives them time to lower the speed they are driving at, and avoid getting ticketed for speeding.However, though you would find many different types of radar detectors nowadays, they are all basically just radios.… Continue reading…

Radar detectors, however, help detect such devices and alert you, so that you can reduce your speed if it’s higher than what it’s supposed to be.

However, though this sounds too easy to understand, finding a full function radar detector which suits your need well actually isn’t. After all, you need to take care of quite a few things, and missing out on anything may make you vulnerable from the radar guns used by the cops in your area. Also, not all radar detectors manage to detect all the radar devices, and neither do they come with all the features you may require. Hence, it seems to be more than important to do some research before you decide to buy a particular radar detector. What serves well for your relatives or friends living in some other place may not serve as well for you, as it also tends to be a bit subjective.

However, you need not worry about finding the required resources for researching everything you need to learn about radar detectors before you can search for the best one for you. It’s because we have come up with a very detailed, informative, and highly useful article for you. It probably contains everything you need to know about radar detectors, what they are used for, what should they come with, what things should you be aware about in your particular area in order to find an ideal one, the other important features they come with, and so on. After you read the guide once, you will probably feel much more confident while searching for the radar detector that would be the best choice for you.

We have also come up with a review section where we would post reviews to some of the innovative, value for money, and unique radar detectors out there. As there may be a lot of such devices out there, it can get a bit too confusing. Though the information guide we have written on radar detectors is sure to help you, going through specific reviews may go a long way too, in helping you discover the ideal product based on your specific needs.

Furthermore, our reviews will also help you learn everything you need to know about some of the best radar detectors out there. This will help you take an informed decision, as most of the times the information offered on the product page of such devices may not be enough. It may mostly contain typical sales pitches and all the good things about the products. However, it is the reviews we post that will give you a detailed knowledge of the specific product, and hence help you understand what that specific product has in store for you.