Saker Racing is an automotive accessories informational website that provides people actionable buying advice for their cars since 2016. On this website, you can find totally overkill audio equipment that will make sure your friends NEVER have a better sounding car than you. You can also find talking car alarms and regular car alarms.

Some of the things we review include

  • Car Amplifiers
  • Car Speakers
  • Car Subwoofers
  • Talking Car Alarms, lol
  • Radar Detectors
  • Seat Covers
Car with Large Speaker System in Trunk

Our (New) Author

Dean Irwin

This website was purchased by Dean Irwin, an audio enthusiast web developer in May 2020. Dean has 6 years of live audio experience working in weekly productions. These productions reached a weekly audience between 100 people and 4,000 people.

Dean is in the process of converting this website into a reliable trusted source for automotive speakers and accessories. The website needs work still, but is already in the conversion process.

Dean Irwin also founded and operates a digital services and web development company, Acasa Consulting. Dean also has started a new company producing productivity software. The first product is an easy-to-use Weighted Average Decision Matrix mobile app and website called Decision Revision. Check it out: Decision Revision.

Our Review Process

Our reviews are designed to save you as much time as possible when choosing your products. We make sure to thoroughly research each review we recommend for your purchase. We follow a pretty straight-forward and rigid process for this.

Step 1. Decide what factors make a product great

When we want to review a set of products, such as motorcycle amplifiers, we evaluate what makes a great product. Each thing we review is very different, so it’s all about what factors we need to consider to recommend a good product.

Step 2. Crawl the Internet

We then take to the Internet to create a list of products that are highly regarded on certain websites. With most products we look at, we check out reviews on Amazon and SonicElectronix. These are the big players in our market for the products we sell. We then compile a spreadsheet of about 100 of these products.

We then take to one of our favorite platforms, Reddit for mentions of this product. We look for the most upvotes, the most discussion, and the most mentions. If people are talking about a product, it means that it’s worth talking about. We add all of these factors into our ranking spreadsheet and find about 10-15 of these products to add to our review.

Step 3. Contact real life buyers

We reach out to the reviewers of these 10-15 products and ask them to provide us some more information on why they chose the rating that they did. It’s hard, but every 200 or so outreaches, we get a response and the reviewers are often times awesome at providing us accurate information

Step 4. Fact Check

We then take a couple hours to verify the information we have collected to make sure that it is accurate information for our post. If we find anything inaccurate, we throw out the information and look for other sources of information.

Step 5. Write Up

After we do all of the things mentioned above, we write up a blog post with this information. We have recently been acquired by a professional live audio technician, and are in the process of updating our posts to be accurate and well written. Saker Racing is building a new brand.