Best Auto Blogs You Should Be Following in 2020

If you are enthusiastic about cars, car accessories and different other automotive, you have landed at the correct place. On the internet, you will find a number of auto blogs that cover up everything you need to know about cars, fun accessories and much more!

We have skimmed through many of these blogs and have come to terms that the following 40 are the best of them all. Have a look:

My Car Heaven

my car heaven

This auto blog is particularly dedicated to luxury cars. Here you will find all the incredible classic models of the cars ever built that includes some of the rarest cars, which people don’t really know about.

It was founded by Will Wynn. For regular updates, you can subscribe their newsletter.

Car Star

car star

Car star is a website as well as an auto blog. It is run by Mike Wasdin. They are based in Chandler, Arizona.

In the case you are looking for the blogs about car maintenance, how to repair your car and how to care for it, then this is it, this blog is all you need.

It is an ideal blog for people who want to learn more about car care.

Adventure Auto Glass

adventure auto glass

Adventure Auto Glass is an auto blog by Beth Staub. It was started in 2005. They offer amazing windshield repair and glass installation facilities. They have got some very nice blogs with lots of valuable information. You must check them out!

Renner Auto

renner auto

Renner Auto is a remarkable blog by Jason Ferraro. This blog is about the vintage cars and automotive in the previous times.

It compliments all the automotive designs from the period of 1950 to 1970. They feature some of the new modern classical pieces as well, but not to forget, they are all classical pieces, and they represent the old world charm.

Car Blog Malaysia

Malaysia car blog

This is a blog by Dhina Darshna Maniam who is more than obsessed with cars.

His blog is all about the road adventures, family vacations and different valuable information about the cars.

It is all mixed together with fun and some seriousness. He even provides lots of information on the spare parts.

Deep Tread

deep tread

In this blog, you can read all about the trends and designs in the automotive industry.

It is very much dedicated to some amazing automotive brands like BMW and Nissan.

It is run by Vivek Shah. You can expect new content on this blog every day, and I am sure it will help you a lot with your vehicles and will provide you with everything you need to know.

Exotic Car List

exotic car list

Exotic Car List is another amazing blog with all the required information that you need before purchasing or selling a car.

They also deal with selling and purchasing of used cars. They have a huge number of luxury cars present with a decent price tag. You can even sell your car via this blog.

With a huge number of social media following, they have become a quite reliable source for buying and selling cars.

Automotive Spaces

automotive spaces

Automotive Spaces is a blog by Raymond A. Brown who is a car care professional.

From the car maintenance tips and accident assistance to alloy refurbishment, you will find everything on this blog.

These are all expert opinions, and they come along with fruitful results.

The website traffic of this website is more than 11 thousand people per month. You will also find reviews on this site that will surely help you buy the best products for your car.

Vanguard Motor Sales

vanguard motor sales

This is a blog by a group of people who are car enthusiasts like all of you. This website makes the purchasing and selling of the cars and other vehicles easier than ever.

They have been doing this for nearly ten years now, and they are very reliable in this respective area. You just have to make a deal; they are one call away!

DriveWrite Automotive Magazine

drivewrite automotive magazine

It is a blog by Geoff Maxted who is a freelance lifestyle and motoring blogger. This is a fun blog with all the serious and adventurous information about the automotive.

You will also get to read fun corners here, and it is surely not going to bore you in any way.

Classic Nation

classic nation

Here is another amazing blog that deals with the classic cars and all related to the old world charm. They even have a collection of classic cars that you can buy using their website.

For website traffic, they have had months with almost 500K page views. And their social media audience is well over quarter-million followers.

I'd say the other important note about Classic Nation is that it is probably the only website on our list that does not have any advertising. The classifieds are free, and it's purely a hobby website for classic car enthusiasts!

The Gentleman Racer

the gentleman racer

This is a quite versatile blog including different kinds of information for you. It is run by Mike Satterfield.

In this blog, you can read about cars, motorcycles and other vehicles as well as travel, adventures, racing, lifestyle, fashion, and cars.

There is everything available under one roof, which makes it the greatest of them all.

Stance is Everything

stance is everything

Stance is everything is the blog that comes up with some serious information about the car enthusiasts. It was started in 2009 and has come a long way. It is still one of the top-rated auto blogs and not to forget; it has a huge number of visitors.

I See Cars

i see cars

This one is another auto website that has made the buying and selling of the cars a lot easier, whether used or new, it is something much easier now. They have reviews for every single vehicle that you can think to buy.

You can even price your car using this website. It does not matter if you are a buyer or a seller; this site is of great help for everyone out there.

Crewe Craft

crewe crafts

Crewe Craft is a blog by William who calls himself a Bentley enthusiast; although the site is not associated with Bentley and is purely independent, you will find a lot of material about Bentley cars on this site.

It was started three years back in 2014. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

National Motorists Association


The National Motorists Association Blog at has daily postings that include news, opinions, car reviews, helpful advice, and other features geared toward keeping motorists informed of the trends that affect their driving experiences and their driving rights.

Traffic to the site averages 71,300 visitors per month. Do check it out!

Ultimate Car Blog

ultimate car blog

For all those people who are tired of searching the internet for the car reviews and the latest trends in the world of automotive, this is an ideal blog.

This blog comes with all that you need to know about cars and related news and events. They are trusted by their huge number of readers, and the information that they have provided on their site is completely reliable.

Car Gurus Blog

car gurus

Car Gurus Blog brings you the daily coverage of the cars around the globe. They have different categories, from blog posts and reviews to selling and buying the cars.

Their blog comes with so much information that you would like to know when dealing with automotive. You can find your dream car here as well as sell your old car safely.



ColumnM is an international motoring culture and lifestyle online journal where it is loved curating the best memories from motoring past, what its impact has brought to the cars and motorcycles of today, and where it is going to be in the future.

The admin at ColumnM rejoice the golden age of motorsport and its heroes, of which some survive today, while many have perished in their relentless pursuit of speed while trying to perfect the machine but all the credit goes to these gladiators, pilots and crazy engineers of the bygone era who’s efforts reflect in the machines that everyone is using today.

At ColumnM, they are also aware that almost certainly, our generation of individuals is the last ones who would actively interact with the internal combustion engine, and so it makes these machines of the past and presents dearer and highly desirable to us.

The Safe Driver

the safe driver

It is a great blog consisting of more than 600 articles so there is so much that you can read.

From the safety rules to the education for the driver, this blog presents lots and lots of valuable information.

It is run by Scott Marshall. They offer driving quizzes as well that must take in order to know how well you can drive and how much you know about the respective task.

Changing Lanes

changing lanes

Changing Lanes is an independent Irish car blog by motoring journalist Caroline Kidd that is fun, honest and friendly!

In this blog, she has shared all her amazing thoughts in the world of automotive including the old and new cars and motor trends.

It has been three years now, and this blog has turned into something big and trustworthy for the readers.



This blog was launched in 2008 and is one of the best BMW blogs that features the latest news about BMW.

It has website traffic of 5000 unique visitors per day and over 12 thousand social media followers.

They run other big automotive sites as well, that includes,,,,, and

Ultimate Finish

the ultimate finish

Ultimate finish is a brand supplier that deals with super quality car care products, car accessories and car detailing products.

They are known as the UK’s leading independent brand supplier.

They provide amazing products along with same day shipment in more than eighty different countries around the world, which makes it clear that their service quality is more than perfect.

Car Advice

car advice

Car Advice is an Australian based website. They rate and review every new car on the market. They have a highly active community on the website and social media.

With thousands of followers on social media and lots of regular site visitors, this is one place you must visit. I am sure it would not disappoint you.

Wilson Auto Repair

wilson auto repair

This website was started in 1986 by Barry Wilson who is an engineer and is obsessed with cars.

He enjoys working with different tools. Readership of this blog has grown tremendously. They provide tips about how to properly restore classic cars and trucks.

They provide news of interest to classic car enthusiasts. They post lots of pictures of restorations in progress and completed restorations of classic cars and trucks.



This is another superb blog that focuses on renewing the registration of the vehicles, switching their insurance policies and transferring their titles.

They have done some fabulous work in making the auto-related transactions a lot easier than ever. It is a perfect blog and has created a lot of social awareness as well related to auto transactions.

British American Auto Care Inc.

british american auto care

Since its inception, British American Auto Care has been committed to helping drivers to increase the reliability and safety of their vehicles.

That's why they use "care" vs. "repair" in their name. This blog was started back in 2010; the Admin believes it was a great way to help support their efforts to keep the customers informed about how to take care of their vehicles, as well as to answer some of the many questions they posed to them.



This blog was started in 1998 and is based in Chicago. It is a remarkable site, which helps auto customers and proprietors explore each turn of auto possession. They are known as the pioneer of car classifieds.

They have advanced into one of the biggest computerized car stages, interfacing buyers with nearby merchants across the country at any place and any time.

Red Angel

red angel

This blog is run by a complete team and many partners as well. It is full of useful information for all the car lovers. It comes with absolutely great car care information along with some quite valuable tips.

If you care about your car and are very keen to maintain it and keep it new, you have landed at the right place. This blog will help you at every step of the way!

My Used Car Blog

my used car blog

My used car blog is an astounding blog by Collin who is very passionate to keep people informed about how to make their vehicles run longer.

With some breathtaking car care tips, this is a blog that everyone loves out there. It is definitely of great if you are of one those who like to keep their vehicle new and classy.



This is a very interesting blog by Tracy Moore. He is an expert when it comes to automotive and cars in particular. In this blog, you will find every single detail about automotive.

There is everything that one needs to know before purchasing a vehicle. From the car care tips to fun facts, it is a complete guide for you and not to forget; it is great to read!

Chris on Cars

chris on cars

Chris on cars is a blog by Chris Raymond who has an appreciation for cars and all their features.

He can spend hours talking about automotive, cars mostly and their natural features. I am sure you will find a lot of things here that will help you understand your vehicle more.

KIA Country of Charleston

kia country of charleston

Here is a very fine blog by John Lee; he is currently the chairman of KIA Country of Charleston. This blog comes with everything one needs to know about automotive. There is some quite valuable information that I am sure you will love to read.

John Lee has even shared his own and his father’s experiences of automotive that will help you understand these things in a better way.

Safe Ride 4 Kids

safe ride for kids

Safe Ride 4 Kids is on a mission to make every arrival a safe arrival for families. They believe car seat safety starts during pregnancy, one step earlier than most people talk about.

In their blog, they offer information about safer driving during pregnancy, car seat safety tips, and other child and car safety information. If you have a family or are growing one, be sure to visit.

Collectors Car World

collectors car world

Collectors Car World is the fastest-growing magazine and marketplace for classic cars with more than 150,000 monthly visitors on the website and more than 224,000 enthusiasts on Facebook.

Every day, the team at Collectors Car World is thrilled by interesting stories, special cars and the people who drive them. Not only the great stories and events fascinate them, but also special photos and especially the small moments, captured at an event, in a backyard or, of course, on a coastal road in the sunset.

They are dreamers, and they live their dreams of classic cars each day. They try to pass this enthusiasm on to their readers with the help of powerful pictures and impressions – they want to be the best and most up-to-date magazine for collectors and the classic car crazy, not more and especially not less.

Chic Moto

chic moto

It is a lot of fun and while it is not huge yet they have high hopes and are constantly trying to improve! They created the blog with the idea of helping women understand their vehicles better.

They always encourage feedback, or if someone has a topic that he or she would like to know more about, they love to help in any way they can! They post videos and have a YouTube page but no followers currently. They have a Facebook and Instagram accounts that are fairly active.

Bell Performance

bell performance

Bell Performance Blog focuses on real-world explanations and credible information concerning fuel problems and solutions.

Bell Performance itself invented the first fuel additive in history and has been in business since 1909. They have so much valuable information that can help you know more about the respective area.

All Glass & Upholstery

all glass and upholestery

This is a blog by Jayme Williams, and she manages the blog for All Glass & Upholstery. They are dedicated to providing valuable and entertaining information to their viewers about classic cars and classic car restoration. I hope you find it useful.


drive vinty

Vinty is a blog entirely dedicated to classic cars. It was started in 2016 in California. The Vinty Team is all inspired by classical cars of old times.

They are obsessed with the old world charm, and this is how they run their blog. It comes up with all the information that might want to know about classical cars.

Take to the Road

take to the road

Take to the Road is a great blog by Niall Julian who is a car enthusiast like many others on this page. This blog mainly focuses on classic cars.

The feature films they make for their YouTube Channel tell the stories behind classic cars, putting the owner and their car in the spotlight and sharing their passion for classic cars.

His channel also includes driving reviews and a new garage series where he is documenting work he is doing on an Alfa Romeo Spider he owns.

All the blogs mentioned above are surely amazing. Do check them out!