Best H11 Bulb Reviews of 2020 – Top Rated H11 Bulbs

Are you a car enthusiast? Then this is the best place for you. You can make your car look worth much more than it is, and can make your car aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. H11 bulbs are basically headlight bulbs that can easily upgrade your vehicle game.

If your vehicle is compatible with h11 bulbs then what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best h11 bulbs! But, before you make your purchase you need to be aware of the product and have a complete knowledge, so you are able to buy the perfect product for your car.

You should ask yourself the essential things or anything that you think is the most important while buying h11 bulbs. So, before purchasing your product you need to see if it meets all your needs and is perfect for you. Few things that you should ask yourself before making the purchase is the size, intensity, how bright it is, and if it is reliable.

These h11 bulbs are extremely easy to install because of their small size and they don’t even require any high maintenance. H11 bulbs are what you need if you are trying to make your car look upgraded and vibrant. You will see your car’s appearance change in no time and won’t regret purchasing these h11 bulbs. We have the best h11 bulbs here for you.

All these products are amazing and will meet all your needs, but they also have some advantages and disadvantages. Due to their small or compatible size, the h11 bulbs can easily fit into any vehicle or car. Before you make any purchase regardless of what it is, you need to be aware of the things it offers you and the disadvantages as well since it is essential and can prevent you from wasting money on something you will regret later.

Before I start reviewing the product and telling you what I think about the top best h11 bulbs in the market today, you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. So to add up some knowledge about these h11 bulbs we have some basic pros and cons of these h11 bulbs.


The h11 bulbs make the roads more clear and help you see the roads or the path much better. The bright lights help the driver with their vision and are amazing for night journeys. Some lights even have the warranty for a particular period of time, so the customer is fully satisfied.

There is no high maintenance of the bulbs, and they are easy to install. They are also compatible with mostly every vehicle thus compatibility is not a problem.


The h11 bulbs get dim with time and can get overheated with time as well. Also, nowadays the rise of fake xenon bulbs have increased as well because some people do not know the difference between some genuine lights and the fake ones which result in the customer’s money getting wasted.

There are many problems with h11 bulbs if you’re not aware of the genuine lights so your vehicles can get damaged sometimes.

This is a product by HID warehouse and is incredibly compatible with 35W and 55W Ballast. You must always check bulb connectors to make sure that they are the same, and these HID warehouses are also compatible with aftermarket HID kits.

HID replacement bulbs are also available but they require the HID ballast to work since they cannot function if there is no ballast. 100% plug and play installation is available for this product, and the product does not have to be modified. These bulbs are brighter than halogen bulbs and produce a much more vibrant look. This product consumes 35% less energy and lasts for a longer time. This product also has a two-year warranty, so the customer has a certain period of time to be satisfied with the item.

  • Compatible.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • 100% Plug and play installation.
  • No modification required.
  • Lasts five times longer.
  • Three times brighter than halogen bulbs.
  • Durable and affordable.

This is a product by HYB which allows you to get a bright white Xenon look, and even obtain more than 4000k bright white light on the pathway. The light might dim as time increases, so you can replace it in pairs for better performance or results.

This product has some safety precautions as well, that when installing the bulb, you should not touch the glass and may always use gloves or a towel when managing the h11 bulb. You must remember to replace in pairs if you want a symmetric beam from both the bulbs on the road. If the customer has any problems with the bulb, he or she can get it replaced in the time of one year.

  • One year guaranty.
  • Bright look.
  • Lights dim with time.
  • Different sizes available.

This is a product by Philips which provides you with the perfect bright white light. Choosing Philips crystal vision ultra-headlights bulbs will provide you the best HID look and even produce a 4000k bright light on the way.

The bulb has a blue cap on it which portrays a very nice blue effect at daytime in the headlights. You will also get the sealed equipment quality for satisfactory and reliable results.

All these Philips headlights are street legal thus are DOT compliant. You must replace the bulbs in pairs for the best results, so the lights do not dim over time. This is an old company and has been providing the customers with some amazing results since a hundred years now.

This product has some safety precautions as well and prefers you to use gloves or paper towels whenever you’re handling the bulb as the glass on it can be quite harmful to the skin. The product is extremely affordable and reliable if you keep in mind all the things it has to offer.

  • Bright Light.
  • 4000K produced.
  • Blue cap on the light creates a cool effect.
  • DOT compliant.
  • Original Equipment quality seal.

This is a product by Philips and provides the customers with 60% more bright light on the pathway if you compare it with a halogen light bulb.

You must choose these lights if you want enhanced light visibility with amazing quality. This product also provides the most reliable results because it comes with original equipment quality seal. All Philips products are street legal thus making them DOT compliant.

Symmetric light beams can be obtained by replacing both the pairs. The headlights will be dimmed with time if you won’t replace them regularly or after a particular period of time. Safety precaution for this product would be using gloves or towels when handling or managing the headlight bulbs.

The light beam produced by these lights is about 80 foot longer than the bulbs in the halogen beams. This product is the right choice, keeping in mind the needs and wants of the drivers in the world today. They will make you feel comfortable and safe at all times as well.

  • 60% more bright light than the standard ones.
  • Enhanced visibility.
  • DOT compliant.
  • Original equipment quality seal.

This is a product by Sylvania and has a very bright and crisp light as a result. You must replace both the pairs of headlights after a particular period of time for the best results, or the lights will dim with time. This product is legalized on the roads thus no further issues are produced.

This is the perfect alternative compared to HID upgrades and is incredibly reliable for your cars. This product is made of Proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology. The cobalt blue design and color of the bulbs provide amazing bright light and a cool effect of the color as well.

Mirror top alloy coating is available on these bulbs, and a vibrant appearance of them is produced. The bulb is affordable as well and is perfect for every driver’s daily life.

  • Bright light.
  • Replace the pairs regularly.
  • SOT compliant.
  • Proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology.
  • Vibrant appearance.
  • Affordable, reliable and durable.

This is a product by Voltage Automotive, and the bulb lights are applicable on a lot of sides such as h11 front headlight bulbs, h11 low beam, h11 fog lights and h11 high beam.

The product also includes a 12V automotive system. The visibility is maximized, and the driver does not even have to glare to see the incoming traffic. This item also provides the customer with a one year warranty so the client can be fully satisfied with the product.

The bulbs are easy to install, and the lights are legalized in the streets too thus SOT compliant. There are lots of different colors available for this product, so the customers have a wide variety to choose from; you can even choose the size of the item, so you know what you’re most compatible with. The product is very affordable and might be exactly what you need in your lives.

  • Multiple areas of application.
  • One year warranty.
  • Visibility is maximized.
  • Easy to install.
  • No maintenance.
  • Different colors.
  • Affordable.

This is a product of Sylvania and various styles are available. The product comes with a guidebook so you can see what your car is most compatible with. Primary bulbs are nothing compared to these bulbs since they provide the roads with such amazing bright light.

There is no glare needed if these lights are used, and the visibility of these bulbs is maximized. This product is legal and is SOT compliant. The item has Proprietary filament design to have increased and better results of these bulbs thus confirm the durability of the product as well.

This is an item manufactured by the trusted original equipment manufacturer light source supplier and is known for some incredible light visibility. The piece weighs about 2.4 ounces and is perfect for your everyday use. This product has a one year warranty as well so the customer can take her to his time and see if the product is actually compatible with their lifestyle or the vehicle itself.

  • Various styles available.
  • Guidebook.
  • Bright light.
  • SOT compliant.
  • Proprietary filament design.
  • Manufactured by the trusted original equipment manufacturer light source supplier.

8 – Philips H11 Diamond Vision Halogen Headlamps

This is an item by Philips that is one of the most famous and renowned companies. The hue temperature of these bulbs is 5000k. This bulb is not as bright as original equipment manufacturer.

You can confirm the size of the bulb with the owner’s manual or guidebook; it can be used for other purposes as well at home.

Some customers believe in saying that the bulbs are way too white for the roads and some say it has a blue shade, but the ending result depends on the headlights installed in.

You need to be aware of the fact that these bulbs are not as bright or vibrant as the HID bulbs. These bulbs are not cheap and might be a little costly. They do not offer a lot of things but do provide some extra things such as the guidebooks (which is not included with many products).

  • 5000K color temperature.
  • Not as bright as OEM, dimmer than OEM.
  • Guidebook.
  • OEM wattage 55W.

All these products mentioned above are amazing and high in quality. They are definitely going to be one of your best purchases so far. I hope these reviews help you out. Have a great day!

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