Best Octane Booster Reviews of 2020 | Top Octane Boosters

Do you own a car that is a high compression motor? Well, then you would require higher levels of octane than the regular vehicles do. The regular gas levels do not suffice for such vehicles and to raise the levels of octane; you need an octane booster. If you were unaware of what this magical product does by now, you finally know.

You can almost think of it as a carbon devouring product; people prefer using it after loading up on fuel because it clears up the gas tank of all the carbon. It increases the octane levels from .1 to .7 (R/M).

The key ingredients of this booster generally, are transmission oils and toluene. It’s the best choice to upgrade performance because generally, the purest burning hydrocarbons you can find in the market are octane boosters.

Another thing that one needs to keep in mind is the blending percentages; they make a lot of difference in the performance. I would recommend you not to pick an octane booster from the local paint stores because it can get inconvenient.

Some octane boosters are merely the best, especially those you find at the airport. If you happen to live near a private airport, try and see if they sell you some octane. However raised octane doesn’t mean that your car’s power would get a boost as well, there’s just an inkling of difference. Let’s discuss octane boosters in depth by having a look at their advantages and disadvantages.


Gasoline these days come as a strange mix of chemical additives, and it is hard to recognize the right stuff. So first off, you should be buying your octane only from legitimate and credible sellers.

Local stores prove to be a waste of money more often than not. As far as the performance is concerned in the long term, fuel octane is somewhat useless. If you squeeze or compress the air, it will get hot, and auto-ignite will easily explode that way.

Fuel has typically a researched octane number which is tried and tested and found to be the appropriate level of octane in the fuel. It ensures that fuel resists igniting from being heated up before the spark plug is triggered.

There was a time when gasoline was considered useless owing to its volatility. Under severe pressure and heat, it might end up combusting like C-4, which will, in turn, send supersonic shock waves through the cylinder. Such detonations can be commonly spotted in turbos and high-performance engines.

All of this can be prevented merely by using octane, but the best part is vehicle these days have octane sensors that let you know what kind of fuel is being used by you and whether you do or don't need octane. So, if you usually use cheaper fuel, it is recommended that you use an octane booster because it will help.

The decision pretty much relies on the way it works for you; my job is to help take care of the octane levels when you’re on the road.


I’ll tell you the biggest question that arises when considering octane boosters. Do we even need them? Well, the answer's maybe. Sometimes we do need an octane boost especially in the cases where people are utilizing low-quality fuel in their cars. Cheaper fuels just don't have enough octane, on the other hand, Ethanol can have a fantastic effect on performance so you can feel free to try this option out as well. It depends on you.

Another disadvantage is that it will prove useless if your engine has not been designed to take it. If you run a high octane fuel, it will allow you to use higher compression, an aggressive timing or even better boost pressures. All these features end up giving you a higher power.

Now if you don't have those settings, if your engine runs on 87-octane even if you end up pouring a whole gallon of 133-octane, it won't make any difference. As I've explained already if the engine is not detonating and everything is working just fine on your preset octane settings you don't need it.

The only plausible disadvantage is the wastage of money, so be sure before buying that gallon that you need this product. If you feel like you don't, there's no point in wasting money on it.

Now that we’re done discussing the advantages and disadvantages, for those of you who feel like they need octane boosters and are too wary to try any of the locally made boosters or too lazy to go out and shop, I have prepared a review of best octane boosters used by verified customers of Amazon and myself. I hope you enjoy it and the read proves useful to you.

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1 - Lucas Oil Octane Booster

This product has made to the top of list and so far it has proved to be very useful and reasonable. The product arrives in a pack of 12 15 oz bottles. It’s slightly pricey but you still get it at a better price than the market and certainly the best quality. We have rated it a whopping 4.5/5 so you know this is an A+, high quality choice!

As I’ve explained before, octane promotes the combustion of clean fuel which results in the fewer emissions, consequently keeping the environment clean. It is suitable to be used in engines that are fuel inject and carbureted.

The pack weighs as much as 12 pounds. However, there’s a limitation. The product is delivered only across the forty eight states of USA and not anywhere else. The sellers also offer warranty at request from the customer support in case you’re not satisfied by the product.

The manufacturers claim that it provides three times boost than any other product on the market and the ratings show that customers endorse this claim. It is also safe for turbos and oxygen sensors. A single 15 oz. bottle can be enough for up to 25 gallons of fuel.

2 - 104+ 10406 Octane Boost

This is a rather cheap product that has been rated well which means it is totally worth the money. A single bottle comes in a 16 oz bottle and is definitely on the more affordable side. However, you can still save money if you buy a pack of 6. It boosts the power by increasing the gas mileage. It’s safe for fuel injector engines and cleans them up.

You can sure that this product would end up almost eliminating all the knocks and pings. It doesn’t harm the oxygen sensors or the catalytic converters. A little glitch however, is that it is an add-on item so if you buy it alone you would probably need to add more products to get the cart total up to 25$ so that it can be shipped.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy the 6-pack because it is quite economical. It should cater up to 14 gallons of fuel easily and the shipping cost of this item is zero. The item separately weighs as much as 15.6 ounces. We give it a solid rating of a whopping 4.3 stars. Verified purchasers state that this product has worked for them for ages, even on their vintage BMWs.

Most buyers say that this product exactly as it is advertised which is a rarity in the world of online shopping. I would recommend that you give it a try.

3 - CAM2 Octane Booster

Another fantastic octane booster that you can buy on Amazon is this product. The Cam2 Octane Booster deserves the 4.5 stars the Saker Racing team gave it. The pack of twelve bottles of this booster of 12 oz is super cheap, and it's actually really hard to beat this value. Additionally, the shipping for this product is free of cost, but currently, it is only being shipped in the US.

The manufacturers claim that this product can resist knocks and pings very efficiently. It works by neutralizing the combustion acids by increasing the octane numbers in the gas. This helps in protecting the engine and system from rust and corrosion. If you're using a mixture of methanol and alcohol fuels, this product will prove very useful. The product has been made from distilled petroleum fluids, and the chemical formula is flammable.

So basically, it is a conditioner and a combustible both at the same time. Many customers say that it could allow you to run 87 octanes in a car that recommends up to 92 octanes. So it is safe to say that the product works well and as advertised. Many verified customers have found this product to be better than the ones they have been using before.

This product is much cheaper than Lucas, but it works well. So it is good for people who are on a budget but still want to save their car engines from detonations. Some people recommend that it works better than Torco. You can try it for yourself and see if it works.

4 - Klotz Octane Booster

This is slightly different than your regular octane boosters. It comes in a 128-ounce canister of purest octane supply. It increases the pump gasoline to about ten numbers. For lubricity, it has a substitute of tetraethyl lead. It helps control the burn speed and also helps stabilize the flame front.

It would fulfill your expectation of cleaning both the injector and carburetor. It is recommended that you use it with great caution to avoid it from discoloring plastic, fiberglass and the paint. It's a little on the pricier side compared to other options, but this is a premium booster.

Overall, we have rated it at 4.2 stars since it's pretty darn good, but you don't need to get this unless you need some of its specialized features. . The dimensions of the canister are 7.5 x 11.5 x 5 inches.

You can use the product at about 1 oz per gallon, which means that it could very well last for 128 gallons if 89-octanes fuel is used for a pretty good price. People use it for their jet skis as well, and it works perfectly. It is safe for any four-stroke vehicle which requires an octane booster. Another plus point is that it helps keep the oxygen sensors safe. But unlike Torco, this product won’t take you above 104-octanes which are not enough for some of you so buy after double-checking you need.

5 - Motor Medic Octane Performance Booster

This product is also one of the best that you could find in the online market although it doesn't have any reviews yet. The stock is running empty, and only nine items are left as I write, so grab it ASAP. A bottle contains 12 oz of liquid and is quite affordable. It helps boost the octane, naturally, but along with that, it helps clean the combustion chamber and the entire fuel system. It also minimizes the knocks and pings just as advertised.

You would be surprised to know that the product is rated a full five stars by the Saker Racing team. But it is not for sale in the Catalina Islands due to policy reasons. The shipping on this article is free, but it only shipped within the confines of USA.

Many people have used it to replace various high-quality brands and found its working amazing. It can even effectively decrease the spark knocking.

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether you need an octane booster or if you do not, but if you do you’ll have to choose carefully. I would recommend trying in smaller amounts earlier and then figure out the brand. The right blend will make your car’s performance fantastic otherwise it would be a waste of money and effort, so try to buy only the right octane booster and even then, use it only if you cannot find quality gasoline. The fact that it keeps carburetor and fuel injector clean is a good enough reason to use some from time to time anyway. Hope this helps!