What Are The Best Car Alarm Brands?

Car Alarms have become very important to keep your car secure at all times. Whether you have the best stereo installed, leave expensive electronics or equipment in the car, you need a comprehensive car alarm to protect your car. 

In addition, it will keep you informed at any moment in case something happens to your vehicle. Currently, car alarms have transformed since the early door lock alarms, and motion detection. They have several sensors placed at all points on the car to monitor many things making your car safe and secure.

They will inform you of a door opening or window breaking, paint damage, tire-jacking e.t.c. Great alarm systems will always alert you at the right time with detailed displays and messages, which will show you exactly what is happening to your vehicle.

In addition, the Best Car Alarms use satellite features to protect your car from theft and damage. They will also enable smartphone applications to connect easily to your car and offer you the option to start it before you walk out during hot or cold season.

1. Viper VSS5000

The viper is one of the most widely used car alarm brands in the market. The company produces many types of remotes, including remote security systems, keyless entry and start systems.

The brand also provides its Viper Smart-start system for specific smartphone users, which allows them to remote start the car or unlock and lock it directly from their phone.

Other features include a panic button, trunk release, and the ability to control several vehicles. The brand creates several one-way and two-way remote systems.

2. Python PS5000

Python is a “cousin” brand of Viper, and the company provides the same performance and quality which buyers are accosted to famous Viper brand.

It has three categories of remote: security with remote start combo, remote start and remote security. The python brand provides an affordable one-way remote start system.

Some offer owners with a complete remote start and alarm system, along with additional features such as warn-away alarm, silent mode for disarming and arming, and a car finder function.

3. Avital 5303L

The Remote start system and 5303L car alarm are flagship system of Avital’s readily packed with everything you require to secure your vehicle, start it from almost a quarter mile away and can communicate with it remotely (easily).

It has features such as remote start, keyless entry, dual zone shock sensors and dedicated trunk release. All of these controls on an exemplary LCD remote. Available at low price as $100s, it is the best deal if you do not require the unlimited range and a smartphone app.

4. Compustar

The Compustar is another famous brand of remote start systems and car Alarm. The Company provides its products in three categories, give buyers a chance to identify items depending on their budget and security needs.

The Pro line contains several advanced features on a range of Two-way and one-way systems. The prime series provides quality products with less features and a small price tag.

The third line, LT, provides intro products for all buyers who require only the basic functions for their cars. The Compustar also provides a Drone Mobile System, which allows owners to operate their vehicle, alarm remote using their smartphone.

5. Clifford

In addition to the remote start, the standard trio of security and combo systems, Clifford provides its G5 security systems with highly advanced features on the market.

Each of Clifford’s lines of remote start systems and car alarm is available in several versions. This allows owners to choose their best car alarm at an affordable price.

For example, the Avantguard 5.1, the premier product in the G5 line, include four-channel remote and security start, having sensors for glass breakage. The lowest-level brand in the line, the Arrow 5.1, is a one-way option remote with vibration sensors.

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