Car Alarm Installation Prices

If you have purchased the best car alarm and you are ready to install it into your sweet ride for peace of mind, you are probably wondering what it will cost to install the alarm. We are writing this guide to help you get your car alarm installed for the least amount of money. If you have all of the greater tools necessary to perform the installation, you can install the alarm yourself for free following the manual that came with your alarm system. If you do not have the tools or time necessary for installation, or perhaps you just want a professional to take care of it, here are some things you should consider.

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The Cost of Car Alarm Installation

As with all services in life, the cost of introducing a car alarm can change based on what alarm is being installed into your vehicle and who is performing the installation. At times, a basic alarm can be installed for as little as $100. This is generally when the car has a simple framework that takes speedy installation into consideration. This saddle framework is generally found on newer vehicles. It reduces or completely takes away the amount of extra wiring required for installation. This is a best-case scenario.

On the other hand, we have entangled frameworks. This is when no wiring exists for the car and the cost can be anywhere in the range of $500 to $850 contingent upon the PC controller refinement. The simplicity of getting the dash off and running the wire from the siren to within the car is typically a substantial part in evaluating the cost of installation. The cost will be reduced if the dashboard is simpler to get to. A professional car alarm installer will be able to lookup your car and provide you with an installation estimate.

Why Should I Pay to Have My Car Alarm Professionaly Installed?

There are generally multiple benefits for getting you car alarm installed by a professional. The genuine feelings of serenity from knowing it has been done effectively is worth it in my opinion.

Also, we don't keep our cars forever, so when you go to resell the car, you will have an easier time. You can say it has been professionally installed and checked which will make a significant difference to a buyer.

Also, I don't know if you're like me and have an issue with DIY projects coming out the "right way", but if you are, you will be much happier with the installation when it is done by a professional because it will be clean of any trash and will make sure the interior and exterior look high quality and proficient before handing it back over to the owner of the vehicle.

Not to mention, you will also have 10 extra hours in your life because you decided not to do it yourself.  Technicians will also program the alarm and hand-held alarm units to guarantee everything is effectively working with your specific vehicle.

When you pay more for some car alarm frameworks, there might be more contact zones in the car that you can be sure are setup properly when installing the alarm. This does take more time for installation but it is gives you better car security.

Additionally, when an expert is introducing the alarm, they have the expertise to do ability testing that will guarantee the unit is working to the best capacity and that the hand held alarm pieces function appropriately. This will permit you to turn the alarm on or off as required from the solace of your home.

Why Shouldn't I Pay to Have My Car Alarm Professionally Installed?

Despite the fact that it costs more to have your car alarm professionally installed, there are also other considerations to think about when making the decision. You need to consider how long you can live without your car. I have always had the misfortune of taking my vehicles to mechanics that like to keep my car much past their estimated time. If you live in a busy area, you likely have the same problem. You should consider if you can live without your car for at least a week while your alarm is being installed. If the answer is no, I would personally see if doing it myself with a good Youtube tutorial is a possibility.

You also should not attempt to install a car alarm if you do not have the proper tools and the necessary know-how to use them.

Here are some of the tools you might need to install a car alarm:

  • A drill and drillbits
  • Gloves (We recommend Mechanic Gloves for this job)
  • A Multimeter
  • A Soldering Iron
  • Wire Strippers

How can I Reduce Car Alarm Installation Costs?

There are many variables that will influence the cost of alarm installation. Generally speaking, the more extravagant your car is, the more your car alarm will cost to have your alarm installed. This is because the materials and general parts needed to ensure compatibility with more expensive vehicles will cost more than less expensive vehicles. There is little you can do to diminish the cost of installation unless you acquire alarm frameworks that have less contact focuses. This does come with the tradeoff of reducing the alarm's capacity to detect intrusion of your alarm because there will be fewer points of contact to work with. Considering this, I do not think this is the most ideal approach to save money because it will make your alarm less useful overall.

Despite the fact that there is an extra cost to having a technician introduce your car alarm, if you are uncertain how to do it without anyone's help it might be your just alternative. Look around once you have purchased your alarm and get quotes from professionals to see what it will cost. You might be pleasantly surprised if you can find a shop to do it for a great deal. If you have a technician you trust, ask them if they can recommend anybody to do the work for you for a good price without sacraficing quality. You can also ask them if you have the skillset to do the work yourself, but be careful because you might get a brutally honest answer.