How To Install A Remote Car Starter

As a matter of fact, remote starters should be installed by a qualified technician. This is because when it is not done well it can damage the expensive vehicle control electronics. Nevertheless, you are familiar with the process, installing the remote alone will save you a lot of cash. Installing the remote control is a great upgrade, inexpensive project that you can do yourself. This is how to install a remote car starter.

Plan well; first, ensure that the starter that you have chosen is compatible with your car. Contact the manufacturer or read the box to determine if it matches with your vehicle. However, if it is not compatible with your car, buy more anti-theft bypass models. You can read our remote car starter reviews here.

Compustar CS800-S 1-Way

Carefully read the instructions; installation guidelines often vary from one brand to another. It is, therefore, important to carefully go through the manual and find out drawings for your particular remote starter. If you choose one that does not require directions check out instructions online before you can start the process. Essentially, the website should be easy to use with printable directions and wiring diagrams that show exactly how the installation should be done.

Read the owner’s manual and collect all the tools and materials; you should become familiar with the wires by looking at the repair guides and the manual. Some of the common wire connections include the power locks, security system, ignition, and starter.

By consulting the manual, you will know which tools are needed for your particular starter. You may require strippers, soldering iron, wire cutters, utility knife, or the best torque wrench for cars among more. However, some remote starters will come with all the necessary tools to ensure that you check the box well.

Decide where to put the main module; ideally, the main module must be in a secure hidden location that does not require extending of the supplied wires. More so, you can connect it directly to the ignition wiring. Do not place it in the engine compartment or where it will be exposed to a lot of heat or vibration. Some alternative locations include the glove compartment and the area above the dashboard fuse.

Ensure that everything is working well; assess the car to ensure that everything is fine. Check the lights, batteries and the wiring system. In case, any system is not working well fix it before starting the process. Next, remove the sweat where the main model is supposed to be placed before installation and do not forget to disconnect the battery when working. Securely connect all your wires since if any one does not work well the vehicle’s remote is unlikely to function.

To test the wires, you must connect the batteries but after that disconnect while you are soldering the wires to ensure safety. Remember, loose wires can cause a major property damage or injury. How to install a remote car starter is often very easy to do, however if you are not sure do not hesitate to call a technician.

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