Top 10 Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers of 2017| Top Rated 6.5 Speakers

When attempting to deck out your vehicle with an excellent speaker system, you’ll want to make sure to choose all of the right components. You’ll need a great woofer and an excellent amplifier. Of course, you should not ignore your component speakers!

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  • Comes with two individual speakers
  • Lightweight
  • Sensitivity rating of 87 dB

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  • Constructed of heavy duty materials
  • Equipped with a superior cooling mechanism
  • Efficiency: 92 dB

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  • Easy to install
  • Capable of being used in almost any vehicle
  • Easy to fit in almost any vehicle

They can truly make or break your audio quality. With this in mind, you should take a step back, analyze the situation and explore your options. Below, you will discover exactly what to look for in the best 6.5-inch car speaker!

What To Look For In Car Speakers

When working through your options, you should take the time to examine your existing system. It is absolutely imperative that your speakers perfectly match your system. In order to make this happen, you will need to examine the speaker’s sensitivity and power-handling very carefully. Below, you will learn more about these specific characteristics.

Sensitivity – This specific aspect of the speaker tells you how much sound the speaker can deliver with the power supplied. For systems with low power, it is best to choose a highly sensitive speaker and vice versa. By pairing up this characteristic, you will receive the best sound quality imaginable.

Power-Handling – This aspect will be distinguished as a numerical figure and will be measured in watts. As the name suggests, the speaker’s power-handling will tell you exactly how much power it can handle.

If you have a lowered powered system, you won’t need to pay extra for more capable speakers. When exploring this characteristic, you will find two different types, peak power handling and RMS power handling. Honestly, peak power isn’t that important. Instead, you should pay close attention to the RMS power handing figure.

Aside from these factors, you should also determine, whether you need full-range speakers or component speakers. The latter is capable of providing you with a much better performance and audio quality. Of course, you will need separate woofers, tweeters and also crossovers. If you want simplicity, you’ll choose full-range speakers, since these come with everything you need.

With this in mind, you should take the time to explore the speakers below. These are some of the best currently available on the market!

Top 6.5 Inch Car Speaker Reviews

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If you’re looking for an excellent pair of speakers and don’t want to splurge, you should take the time to check out the Alpine SPR-60C. These 6.5” speakers are wonderful and capable of working well with an assortment of different systems. This system comes with two individual speakers. Together they’re capable of handling 220 watts of power consistently. Separately, they can handle 110 watts of power. The speakers have a sensitivity rating of 87 dB, so they can work well with moderately powered systems.

The frequency response of 65Hz to 29kHz is great and will be sufficient for most consumers. Take note that these speakers have a depth of 2 and 3/8 inch. Therefore, you will need to find a suitable box for them! The speakers are incredibly light in weight, so you won’t have difficulty getting them installed. Although these speakers do not necessarily need an amp, they’ll sound much better with one!

These car speakers come with all of the necessary components and brackets needed to install the speakers into your vehicle’s factory housings, if desired. At the end of the day, these speakers are fabulous for their overall price tag. Just make sure you have a powerful amplifier than they’ll sound great with your system!

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If you like to show your ride, you will definitely need an aesthetically appealing speaker system, so you can show it off as well. The Polk Audio DB6501 will definitely make a wonderful addition to your preexisting audio spear system. The 2-way Butterworth outboard crossover will provide you with a smooth performance.

The speakers are constructed of heavy duty materials, which will not rust or tarnish, when exposed to the elements.

You can actually install the Polk Audio into any motor craft. The dome tweeter is constructed out of 25 millimeter silk/polymer composite that will endure the test of time and with the neodymium magnets, you will be provided with crystal clear highs.

The DB6501 is equipped with a superior cooling mechanism that will keep the interior components cool, even after many hours of use. This will also increase the longevity of the component system, which is important for every music lover, since the price tag is slightly on the expensive side.

The overall frequency response is 35Hz – 23 kHz, which is fairly general, when compared to other brands. You will receive a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover parts and labor.

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Some consumers are only interested in saving money. If you happen to have a similar mindset, you should look no further than the Kicker DS60 speakers. Of course, you shouldn’t allow the exceptionally low price tag to lead you astray! Despite this, the speakers are actually great and can deliver a real thump, when they’re paired with the right amplifier! These speakers are incredibly easy to install and will provide you with an easy drop-in upgrade. They’re capable of being used in almost any vehicle!

Together, these speakers offer an impedance of 4 ohm. Their frequency response is 43 to 20k, which will be more than sufficient for nearly everyone. They’re capable of handling a maximum of 100 watts separately. As far as the RMS goes, these speakers can handle 50 watts apiece. The Kicker DS60 speakers are fitted with a heavy-duty motor structure. This helps to deliver an enhanced performance, which will be sure to make your vehicle thump. The overall weight of the speakers is right around 5 pounds.

At the end of the day, the Kicker DS60 6.5” 200 Watt speakers are great for their price. They can deliver excellent audio quality and produce very little distortion at high volumes. Be sure to investigate them a little more now!

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Are you looking for an excellent set of component speakers, which won’t break the bank? If so, you should take the time to explore the Infinity Kappa 62.11! Despite being incredibly affordable, these speakers can deliver excellent audio quality, which will satisfy any audiophile.

These speakers are capable of handling a great deal of power.

As a pair, they can handle a maximum of 450 watts. The RMS rating is 75 watts apiece or 150 watts combined. To ensure that these speakers are capable of taking a thumping and keep pumping, they’re manufactured with carbon injected glass fiber cone materials.

These speakers are equipped with a highly innovative Plus One cone technology. This provides the user with more cone area than others. The Infinity Kappa 62.11 speakers offer 2-ohm nominal impedance, which is somewhat universal, but great nonetheless. The components have a depth of rating of 2.125 inches! Make sure you have a box for this specific design. The overall weight of the speakers is right around 7 pounds. This makes them lightweight and easy to carry about.

As far as the performance goes, the Infinity Kappa 62.11 speakers are great and won’t produce a distorted noise at higher volumes. For the price, they’re excellent and definitely worth exploring in more depth!

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Are you searching for a high-quality speaker system for your vehicle? If so, you should definitely consider the Hertz HSK 165, because it is built to withstand a lot of normal wear and tear. The speakers are capable of handling 125 watts of RMS and will provide the user with an abundance of benefits.

This system includes several kits including the HV woofers and HT 25 neodymium tweeter. You will receive the installation hardware for the tweeter, along with the grills. Make sure that you take the time to read the installation manual, before starting the installment, because this will make the task go smoother.

The Hertz 165 is a high performance speaker system that offers a frequency response of Hz 50/22K. The woofer weighs in at 1.13 kilograms and the tweeter weighs 0.06 kilograms, so keep this in mind, when purchasing the Hertz component speaker system.

The HSK speaker system will provide the user with a crystal clear sound, even when the volume is turned to the maximum level. You will want to jump in your car and ride like the wind, while listening to your favorite tunes.

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Some audiophiles are interested in bumping their favorite music from their Harley or boat! This requires a unique set of speakers, which are suitable for these specific setups.

The Polk Audio AA2652-A is an excellent choice for this type of scenario. These 6.5-inch speakers are incredibly durable, well made and very affordable. They’ve been tested for over 600 hours for salt fog, as well as UV testing. Suffice to say, they passed these tests with flying colors.

The front of these speakers is completely sealed. This helps to guarantee that water will not be able to enter the speaker and cause it to malfunction.

The grille is equipped with its own tweeter mount. This helps to eliminate the requirement of a separate tweeter post. The terminals are manufactured from heavy-duty steel, which will never rust, corrode or tarnish. For added value, these speakers are covered with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor!

These speakers deliver an RMS power handling rating of 100 watts. When 100 watts of power is running to each speaker, you will receive an amazing sound, which will knock your socks off! You will not experience any distortion at higher volumes, which is an added benefit. Be sure to check out these speakers in more depth today!

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If you have a strict financial budget, but want to upgrade or replace your preexisting car speakers, you should definitely keep the Pioneer TS-A on your list of prospects. Do not be deceived by the low price tag, because these speakers are designed to handle normal wear and tear. However, they are getting tougher to find as they are discontinued and no longer being manufactured.

With a maximum power rating of 300 watts and RMS of 50 watts, the frequency response will best with these speakers. The installation process is very simple and will only take about 15-20 minutes, so you can start enjoying your favorite tunes almost immediately.

The matrix cone is designed with multilayers of mica, so you will get your money’s worth. The Pioneer 1675R is the perfect speakers for a newbie, but it is important to note that these only offer treble and not suitable for deep bass.

If you are replacing your preexisting speakers, you will not need any extra installation hardware, but if not, you will need to purchase additional hardware. You will receive a 1-year warranty with your purchase, which will cover parts and labor.

When paired with the right system, you will receive an astounding performance that will drop your jaws.

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If you’re looking to save money, but still want to receive astounding audio, you should not ignore the Infinity Reference 6030cs.

These speakers are some of the cheapest on the list, but still deliver excellent quality and unparalleled performance. These are 6.5-inch speakers, which have 2 ohm of impedance.

The speakers are capable of handling 225 watts of peak power. The tweeters are manufactured with edge-driven textiles to help enhance the speaker’s ability to handle power. This characteristic also helps to prevent distortion at higher volumes.

Each speaker is capable of handling 75 watts consistently. They have a mounting depth of 2 and ¼ inches. They offer a somewhat familiar frequency response of 67Hz to 21kHz. These speakers have a sensitivity rating of 92 dB. This makes them fairly versatile and guarantees that they’ll work well with almost all systems. Also, the woofer surround material is capable of absorbing distortions and preventing it from transmitting them through the speaker.

These speakers, which have been laboratory optimized, are protected by a one-year warranty. This definitely helps to enhance the overall value of these speakers, which are incredibly affordable to begin with! Truthfully, these speakers can deliver outstanding audio, without an amp. With an amp, you’ll be blown away by their amazing performance!

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Having a superior sound system in your vehicle is very important for some drivers, which is why they rely on the Infinity KAPPA component system. This is a high-quality system that offers a 100 watt RMS output power, which is much better than most of the competitor brands.

The aluminum cone will withstand a significant amount of heat, which is extremely important for the system’s longevity.

The midwoofer is constructed out of anodized aluminum, as well. Overall you should receive an extended service life from the PERFT61, if you properly care for them.

The high-quality tweeters will offer a crystal clear sound, even when the volume is turned up to the maximum level. The interior components and exterior construction is undeniably superior quality. The user friendly passive crossovers do not require a power source, but take note they are not equipped with adjustable equalizers.

If you like a variety of music genres, you will definitely appreciate the Infinity PERFT61, because they are capable of rocking your world, even when the volume is midrange. Again, if you are searching for a speaker system that will produce a balanced mid and high-range, you should definitely consider the Infinity PERFT61.

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If you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle’s speaker system and don’t want to break the bank, the Kenwood KFC-1695PS is an excellent choice. The price of the speakers cannot be beat!

For 6.5” speakers, they’ll deliver excellent quality audio and they’re some of the most affordable on the market. What is there not to like? These are flush mounted speakers and they’re capable of handling a maximum power of 320 watts. Each individual speaker can handle 75 watts consistently. This makes them compatible with almost all speaker systems and amplifiers.

Each of these weigh right around 4 pounds, so they’re easy to carry, but durable enough to last! If you were looking to replace a pair of busted speakers, these speakers would be ideal. The speakers are equipped with a superior ventilation system, which will keep the inner components cool, even when the volume is cranked to the maximum level. At the same time, they’ll be able to handle this, without putting out a great deal of distortion. The thick rubber surround helps to protect the speaker, when the bass is thumping, but you’ll still feel it in your bones.

For the price, you really cannot lose with these speakers. They’re affordable, durable and can deliver an excellent performance! Be sure to consider adding them to your vehicle today!

  • Updated July 2, 2019