The Best 6×8 Inch Car Speakers Reviews of 2020 | Top Rated 6×8 inch Speakers

We all have challenges, not only finding the best car speakers that suit our need, but finding the correct size and the correct one as well. There are many things to look at when purchasing a speaker; a lot of things including concerns will readily come to mind.

Some of the things that you should keep in mind include: your desired preference frequency range in music, the fact that different speakers cover different ranges, having more speaker is not always better, the three way split, amongst many others. I have managed to put together a list of the top 6x8 inch car speakers that will help you narrow down your choices. What I can also guarantee you is the fact that with these speakers you will definitely be getting value for your money. Please do enjoy.

Best Car Speakers 2020

Speakers Name
Max Watts
Editor Rating
1. Alpine SPR-68 Coaxial

300 Watts
100 Watts

2. Rockford Fosgate P1683

130 Watts
60 Watts

3. Kicker 40CS684

225 Watts
75 Watts

4. Alpine Spr-68

300 Watts
100 Watts

Top Car Speaker Reviews 2020

Alpine SPR-68 6x8

The Alpine SPR-68 6x8 Speakers offers a perfect balance between power and control. Not only is this speaker loud (as is the case with most speakers really) but it also has the capability to handle a huge amount of power as well as reproducing that sound with real clarity. These speakers gives you a solid performance, efficiency, superior linearity as well as a really good bass response; thus ultimately giving you the complete balance between control and power. This speaker has an essentially smaller Neodymium Magnet that allows the overall dimensions of the speaker to be smaller. As a result the control and performance experienced is really balanced as well as the fact that the compact size makes them pretty easier to install especially in different variety of vehicles. Another key plus is the fact that these are lighter in comparison to other speakers that use the standard magnet technology. Some of the main features of this speaker are:

  • It carries100 Watts RMS
  • its power capacity is at 300 Watts Peak
  • The ultra Smooth 1 inch Silk Dome Tweeter is a really elegant touch
  • It has a swivel tweeter Swivel Tweeter
  • It has H.A.M.R. Surround
  • It also carries a multi layer Hybrid Fibre Cone
  • It has a large Square Wire Dual-Layer Voice Coil
  • It also comes equipped with a high-performance Linear Drive Motor
Rockford Fosgate P1683 6x8

260 Watt 3 Way Car Coaxial Speakers Audio

These speakers offer you a great surrounding sound. The P1683 speaker is a full range speaker with a flex fit basket that guarantees compatibility. These speakers also feature what is known as Vertical Attach Surround Features (VAST) that increases the speakers’ effective radiating cone area whilst not complicating the installation process. Elegantly designed, the speakers do not possess the large fat glue surface area thus allowing the surround to be shifted for increased cone area. Additionally the speakers use single sized screw holes, therefore allowing for a small adjustment of the speaker whenever it is mounted. Therefore this is particularly useful if you are mounting the speakers in those weird shaped factory speaker locations. Additionally, the integrated concealed crossover hides the crossover inside the basket thus simplifying and decreasing the installation time. Therefore this makes for a quick installation process. The Punch speakers also feature an OEM Adapter plate system and this allows it to fit full-range speaker openings. The adapter plate features “break-away” tabs that can be removed to fit all speaker sizes making it a very versatile speaker. So, some of the main features of this speaker include:

  • The flex basket design that allows for compatibility
  • It comes with a power handling peak of 260 watts per pair; meaning each speaker is impressively powered at 130 watts each
  • The RMS stands at 130 per pair meaning 65 watts for each speaker
  • The 1 inch PED dome tweeter is a classy feature
  • The tweeter mount is at a standard 1-3/4 inch
  • The speaker comes with OEM adapters
  • Another feature is that the speakers come with a Butyl rubber surround, thus giving real quality sound
New Kicker 40CS684 6x8

The Kicker 40CS684 6x8 are great speakers for the money. They offer you one of the most reliable, excellent sounding coaxial that is easily compatible with factory upgrades. This represents the perfect choice for persons who are operating on a budget. Some of the main features of these speakers are;

  • It comes with 450 Watt MAX (900W per 4-pack)
  • Another feature is that comes with 150 Watt RMS (300W per 4-pack)
  • Additionally, the reduced depth baskets allows for fitting into basically any vehicle application
  • The zero tweeter protrusion allows for no interference with factory grilles
  • These speakers contain the highest power handling of any starter entry level coaxial
  • The Extended Voice Coils (EVCTM) and the heavy duty motor structure provide the foundation for signature sound that is unique and synonymous with such a speaker
  • This car speaker comes with an impedance 4 Ohm
  • The frequency Response on this speaker is 45-20k
  • This speaker comes with a sensitivity of 90 decibels
  • Woofer Mounting Depth: 2-3/16 inch
Alpine Spr-68 6 x 8 Inch 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers

Pair of Car Speakers Totaling 1200 Watts Peak / 400 Watts RMS

The Alpine SPR-68 6x8 Inche 2 Way Speakers (these ARE different from the previous set) represents an outstanding product that is actually good value for money. It is a given that you can actually have the best if not one of the best product on the market on while remaining constraint on a budget with this speaker. Although a little pricier than the other speakers on the list, the Alpine SPR-68 is a loud booming speaker for those who actually prefer their music really loud.

These type R speakers deliver really big and dynamic sounds with a lot of base and have the capacity to withstand really loud volumes. These speakers work wonderfully well with car stereos but I would recommend you getting the best out of them by using them with an outboard amp.

The multi layer of hybrid fiber woofers components in the speakers is what is responsible for the strong bass output. The consistent and extended cone movement which is responsible for the pushing of a lot of air was specifically adapted to the Alpine Spr-68 and is what is responsible for the rigid sound. The silk tweeters employ the use of a superior ring-dome design which produces the smooth highs that brings out your music's detail and depth with the absence of shrillness.

Additionally, these swivel to focus the sound better for your seating position. The Alpine uses powerful neodymium magnets that are much smaller than those used in traditional magnets. As a result, the SPR-68 high-density polymer frame allows it fit into more places than most 6"x8" speakers. Some of the Main features include:

  • The multi layered fiber woofer that comes with quality Santoprene rubber sound
  • The 1 inch swiveling dome tweeter is a major feature
  • This speaker comes with a power range of 2-100 watts RMS; with a peak power of 300 watts.
  • The top mount depth is a whopping 2 - 2 1/2 depth
  • The speaker comes with a sensitivity of 89 decibels
  • This speaker comes with a frequency response range of 63-29,000 hz

So as I had noted before, these speakers are actually the best available 6 x 8 inch speakers that are available on the market. The number one ranks speaker in this category is actually the Alpine Spr-68 6 x 8 Inch 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers Totaling 1200 Watts Peak / 400 Watts RMS; with the number 2 ranked speaker being the New Rockford Fosgate P1683 6x8" 260 Watt 3 Way Car Coaxial Speakers Audio; whilst the number 3 ranked speaker is the Alpine SPR-68 6x8" Coaxial 2-Way Type-R Speaker Set; with the number 4 ranked speaker being the 4) New Kicker 40CS684 6x8" 900W 2 Way Car Coaxial Speakers Stereo Audio CS684.

All these speakers do represent value for money as I had indicated before, not only are you getting quality but you are also getting quality on a budget. I hope I was able to help and I do wish you all the best in getting and ultimately selecting the right speakers for your vehicle. Happy shopping!