A Detailed Comparison Between Component and Coaxial Speakers

Component speakers and coaxial speakers are the two main types of speakers out there. They both come with their own set of unique advantages. However, as they tend to be quite different from each, it helps to learn about them so that you can go with the right option based on your needs.

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But before we begin, let us take a look at some of the different types of speakers as well as the different accessories you may need to know about while building your car’s audio system.

Tweeters: They usually help take care of the high frequencies, ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 Hz. They are actually aimed at better covering the bass, but can also help enhance the other aspects of the sound.

Super tweeters: These are usually used along with regular tweeters. They are capable of handling really high frequencies, while the lowest they can handle is well over 2,000 Hz. These features allow them to play even extremely high frequency sounds without any problem.

Mid-range: As the name suggests, their job is to handle the mid ranged frequencies, usually ranging from 300 to 5,000 Hz. They may sometimes overlap with tweeters.

Woofers: They are another special part of an audio system. As far as their range of frequency is concerned, they are responsible for taking care of low frequency sound in the range of 40 to 1,000 Hz. Though this also paves way for some overlapping between them and mid-priced speakers, it usually doesn’t happen because the latter aren’t capable of producing the type of sound the former can.

Subwoofers: Just like super tweeters, subwoofers are designed to handle extremely low frequency sound well, ranging from just 40 to 200 Hz. They usually house multiple woofers. If you want really high quality subwoofers, check out these competition subwoofers (though they're not ACTUALLY for any sort of competition). They just produce higher quality sound.

Component speakers

These aren’t exactly as common as their other counterpart, but believed to be offering a better quality of sound. However, comparatively, they are much more difficult to install.

They also require tweeters and woofers to be placed separately, as they work best when different audio parts take care of different aspects of the sound. According to Speaker Champion entire setup is aimed to minimize interference and hence provide a really enhanced quality of sound.

However, the enhanced sound definitely comes at a price, as component speakers usually seem to be priced more expensively than coaxial speakers, which too can produce fairly impressive quality of sound. 

The users have the option to limit their spending, though. They can simply limit themselves to buying a tweeter and a woofer. However, those who want to go a step further and don’t mind spending more can go for a super tweeter and a subwoofer as well. This setup will take up much more space but the sound quality would probably be exceptional.

There are different sized component speakers, and the size will more or less determine the quality. For example you can also get 6.5 component speakers​ which will produce great audio or 5.25 inch speakers here.

Coaxial speakers

Also known as full-range speakers, coaxial speakers offer ease of installation over their seemingly advanced counterpart. They are also more commonly used, and most of the vehicles come with full-range speakers.

However, though the quality of sound produced by the built-in full-range speakers may not be very impressive, it shouldn’t be taken as an indicator of the overall quality of coaxial speakers. After all, the custom ones can be produce a considerably better quality sound, besides being cost-effective and saving a lot of space.

There are different types of coaxial speakers such as  6x8 inch car speakers, 5x7 speakers, and 6x9 inch speakers. The size you choose is dependent on your car requirements.​

A final word

The final decision may well come down to a user’s preferences. Though the coaxial speakers may suffice for most people who aren’t looking to spend a lot and still enjoy a decent quality of sound, the component speakers may be preferred by those who want every single thing about the sound their audio system produces to be perfect.