How to Find Out the Right Size of My Car Speakers?

Finding out the right size of your car speakers doesn’t have to be very confusing. It’s actually pretty easy, especially if you know how to go about doing it. With that said, let us take a look at some of the various ways that allow you to find out the right size of your car speakers easily.

Checking the manual

Well, we know it sounds like a really basic thing to mention, but a lot of people still forget doing it. Checking your manual can obviously be the best way to find out the size of speakers in your car. However, the problem is that seemingly, not many manufacturers list such information in the manual.

If you don’t find the required information in the manual that comes with your vehicle, you may move on trying out some other ways.

Online sources

There seem to be several online tools that may turn out to be very useful and even manage to get the job done perfectly. If you manage to find a genuine and accurate one, all you would need to do is enter some details of your vehicle in the tool that it asks for. It would tell you the size of speakers that your vehicle has come pre-installed with.

The required details would generally include things like the year of your vehicle, as well as make, model, and so on. It may not ask something you may be completely unaware of, so take notes.

The thing is that such tools are designed in a way that allows them to store such data, which can be used to find out the size of speakers. In other words, when one enters all the details, they try to match it with the stored information, and tell them the speaker size that matches with the information.

Depending on the speakers location

Well, usually, you may be able to tell the size of the best car speakers simply by taking a look at where they are located. The ones that are placed in the front part of the car, especially under the dash or in the door, tend to be considerably smaller.

On the other hand, the rear speakers are usually larger, besides also being more powerful.

Finally, let us also mention that things may seem a little complicated at times. This is due to the fact that different locations may point to multiple sizes of speakers, which can obviously get pretty confusing.

However, don’t let it confuse you, simply because if you find a reliable supplier, you may as well manage to get some free mounting brackets along with the new speakers that would allow you to fit speakers of different sizes in a single location.

The Right Size for Subwoofers

Subwoofers are a specific type of car speaker. While they aren't for the ordinary car owner, they're a great option for car enthusiasts looking to improve their sound system - especially if you have a nice car like the BMW X5.

Most cars don't require a specific subwoofer size. Instead, because there are so many different subwoofers, you'll want to research about what kind you want. For example, there are competition subwoofers, under seat subwoofers, and powered subwoofers.

A final word

After learning how to find out the size of your  car speakers, you may also want to keep a few things in mind while going for new ones. It’s recommend to learn about the specifications and details of the new speakers before purchasing them, as it may be a hassle to get everything in order if they don’t turn out to be of the right size or come with specifications very different from what you require.