The Best 5.25” Component Car Speakers of 2020

Are you bummed by your current car speakers ? The upgrade to component speakers is probably one of the best modfications you can make to a stock car. Many cars from the past 10-15 years come with 5.25″ mounts straight from the factory, making these speakers an easy and incredible upgrade. To learn more about speaker sizing, check out this post on how to find great general speakers.
Factory coaxial speakers are sufficient for some people, but a lot of people who care about great sound reproduction want something better. Audiophiles and jammers want to be able to experience the best sound quality possible. In order to make this happen, they need to get rid of that full range system and install a component system. Keep note, you will need an external amplifier to start this conversion. We put together a guide on 4 Channel Amplifiers that will help you out.

Our Top Pick


Infinity has done a wonderful job establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers of component car speakers. There is no doubt that the company is responsible for delivering durable, high quality speakers.

  • 2 Tweeters Included
  • Best Choice for Awesome Bass
  • Amplifiers Included

Best 5.25 Inch Component Car Speakers

Picking up a new set of component car speakers might sound effortless and straightforward, but in our experience, there’s a lot to think about.
You will need to be sure that your system will be efficient and capable of driving your speakers with the best quality possible. You will need to ensure amplifier and speaker RMS power ratings to make sure you are not overpowering or underpowering the speakers. We recommend checking out our amplifier guide for more information on this pairing.
When choosing the speakers themselves, you should consider speakers that will prevent distortion. A speaker that is distorting on higher or lower frequencies can ruin the musical atmosphere. You should take note that there are many different types of speakers that can to be used within a component system, and therefore you will need to choose the best speakers for your personal system.
So, what are the best 5.25” speakers for your component system? Within this guide, you will be able to discover a breakdown of the speakers currently on the market. Ultimately, you should choose the speakers that fit your most demanding needs and desires. Following these component car speaker reviews will surely help you get the perfect fit for you car or at the least, get you on the right track.

Top 5.25″ Component Car Speaker 2020 Reviews

Infinity has done a wonderful job establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers of component car speakers. There is no doubt that the company is responsible for delivering durable, high quality speakers. So, how does the Kappa Series 50.11cs match up to their previous models? Well, they fall right in the same category.
They’re very durable and are produced with rough and tough construction, which will ensure longevity. These speakers are capable of producing excellent audio quality. Once you’ve gotten them installed in your vehicle, you will be able to enjoy your music by experiencing every minor detail. The sound signature that Infinity has spent years refining will make your vehicle feel like a live concert!


The Tweeters

This specific system comes with two tweeters. The specific design of these is capable of producing excellent noise, which sounds natural and realistic. This has a lot to do with the large soft dome design of the speaker. Due to the edge-driven design, these tweeters are capable of handling an increased amount of power and can deliver extremely low to midrange frequencies, which are commonly untouched, by W-shaped tweeters. With these speakers, you will be able to listen intently to each and every instrument in your favorite songs!

For Bass Lovers

 If you’re a lover of bass, this component system has the speakers for you! The Kappa glass fiber woofers are capable of maintaining their shape, even when you crank up the volume to the maximum level. Even then, you will be able to enjoy bass, which is well defined. These woofers weigh significantly less than others. This ensures that less power is required to power the woofers. Either way, the Infinity Kappa 50.11cs is awesome for bass lovers!



Whether you’re trying to upgrade your existing system or want to install a complete component system, the 2-ohm speakers will work regardless. You can even power them with your current aftermarket stereo. If you’re looking for the best sound possible, you’ll want to use them with an outboard amp.

Overall Benefits

Although these speakers might not be for everyone, they’re extremely helpful for many. Below, you will be able to discover the overall benefits of this speaker system.
  • RMS Power Range from 5-85 Watts
  • 255 Watts of Maximum Power
  • Frequency Response from 55 to 35,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity rating of 93 dB
  • An extensive 3-year warranty
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • External crossover network, which works 2-ways

Overall Assessment 

Overall, the Infinity Kappa 50.11cs are extremely likeable. They’re certainly affordable and will provide you with 2 woofers, 2 crossovers and 2 tweeters. At the same time, the 3-year warranty goes beyond what other companies are willing to offer. For that, these speakers are more than worth your money!
Are you searching for a speaker system that will put more “oomph” into your music? If so, you should look no further than the JL Audio C5-525 speaker system.
These speakers are equipped with high-quality components and high tech designs that cannot be ignored. Below you will discover a short review of the JL Audio C5-525.

Speaker Components

The components of the C5-525 will reproduce your tunes with an impressively high amount of power and fidelity. These speakers will never fail you, because they are capable of providing a smooth, balanced sound every single time. Most individuals do not take the design of a speaker very seriously, but you must be aware of how much it can either hurt or promote the performance. JL understands technology and that is why the C5-525 series is definitely worth looking into.

Broadcasting Musical Details

While many fanatics love the musical beats, they also want to be able to hear the lyrics clearly. No one wants to be forced to inject words into their favorite songs, which is why they rely on a speaker system that will produce a clear sound quality, without distortion. The silk dome tweeters are designed to broadcast all of the musical words, lyrics, and tunes, which is exactly what you are looking for.

Power Range

The JL car speaker system will provide a 25-65 watt RMS power range, which is fairly general, when compared to other brands. The woofers are 5 ¼” in diameter, which offers more an extended cone travel, so more air can be moved. This alone will put more “oomph” into your music, even when you have the volume turned up to the maximum level.

Decibel Sensitivity

The decibel level is fairly loud at 88.5, which is a very important factor to note. If you are concerned about loud noises and hearing damage, you should avoid a speaker system all together. While most music lovers do not give the noise decibels a second thought, it is something to consider. Just compare the 88.5 decibel sensitivity to a train whistle at 500 feet away, which produces a 90 dB.


  • 1-year warranty
  • High-quality cooling system
  • Durable construction
  • Easy Installation

Overall Assessment

When comparing the price tag of the JL Audio C5-525 to all of its fantastic components and high tech design, you will definitely find them suitable for your wallet and needs.
If you spend more time in your vehicle than you do at home, you should consider the installation of a speaker sound system, particularly the Rockford Foscate T252-S Power Speakers. Of course, your vehicle has a sound system installed in it already, but does it provide you with a crisp sound and smooth bass?
You may look high and low and not find a sound system that suits your needs and preferences and that is why you need to look more in-depth at the Rockford Fosgate T252-S.

Crossover Design

The crossover prevents sound distortion, which is why this component is so important. The Rockford’s crossover is mounted behind kicker panels. This alone will decrease distortion, even at a full tilt, so you should expect to receive a crisp sound quality. These crossovers are constructed out of audiophile grade components, which say a lot about their design.

Woofer Design

The Fosgate woofer is equipped with a Flex Fit Basket, which will offer very quick and easy mounting. With 25% more cone area with the same VAST surround system. If you are a fanatic, you will definitely appreciate this woofer design.

Mounting Process

The Rockford tweeter is equipped with the DDC or discreet dual clamp, which provides clamping pressure around the mounting holes. This will definitely make the installation process easier for everyone, plus the clamps will hold the device in place. You will never need to be concerned about the speakers becoming loosened over time, because this is a steadfast feature that will stand up to the test of time.


While most fanatics are looking for a deal on their speakers, does not mean that they are willing to compromise on sound quality. Well, with the T2652-S, you will receive the best of both, because these speakers are very affordable and capable of excellent performance.


  • Discreet dual clamp will decrease installation time
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great sound clarity

Overall Assessment

If you are searching for a very affordable vehicle audio system, you should look no further than the Rockford Fosgate. Not only will you save yourself a lot of money, but you will own one of the best speaker sound systems ever created.
Many consumers would like to be able to enhance their car’s stereo system, but they do not want to spend lavishly. If this sounds like your predicament, you will want to check out the Morel Maximo component speaker system.
This system is significantly cheaper than the alternatives, but will still provide you with awesome sound and plenty of longevity.
This two-way component speaker system is capable of handling a maximum of 160 watts of power. More details will be provided below.


When purchasing these speakers, it is essential to know the overall specifications. Below, you will be able to find these.
  • RMS Power – 80 Watts 
  • Maximum Power 160 Watts 
  • Frequency Response – 50 to 20,000 Hz
  • 4 ohms of impedance
Also, you should know what is included in the box. Inside, you will find 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, 2 crossovers and a handy user’s manual.


Overall Assessment

Overall, the Morel Maximo 5.25 Inch Component Speaker System might not be as impressive as some of the others, but they’re tremendously less expensive. If you’re trying to save money, but want to experience brilliant sound quality, these speakers should be more than sufficient for your needs!

Focal, which describes itself as The Spirit of Sound, has been in the speaker business for a significant period of time. During this extensive period of time, the company has become very respectable and has delivered some excellent component speakers for vehicles of all makes and models. 

Speaker Specifications

So, what is included in this set? Well, you will receive an assortment of different items, when you make the purchase. Everything that is included will be presented below for your consideration.
  • An aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter
  • K2 composite sandwich cone woofer
  • A very precise crossover, which offers adjustable midrange and tweeter level controls
  • ZAMAC Chassis
​With this combination, you will be able to ensure that you have everything needed to begin enjoying pure, uninterrupted music, within your vehicle! Of course, it is also vital to take note of the speaker’s power and sensitivity levels. By understanding this information, you will have a much better understanding of the performance to expect. Below, you will find out about the max power, nominal power and sensitivity of these speakers.
  • Max Power – 140W
  • Nominal Power – 70W
  • Sensitivity – 92 dB
You should also know that these speakers operate on a frequency from 70Hz and 20kHZ.
Pros of the 130 KRC
Before taking the time to purchase these speakers, it is essential to know the benefits of doing so. Below, you will be able to discover the features that make these speakers so awesome.
  • Very handy 1-year warranty, when purchased from an authorized dealer
  • Includes everything you need – 2 5.25” woofers, 2 external crossovers, 2 woofer grillers, and 2 tweeters
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Inverted dome tweeters behave like little woofers and create near lifelike sound
  • System and speakers are perfect for all music from classic music to music, which is overloaded with bass

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, these speakers might be a little more costly, but they’re excellent in many areas. Although the ones mentioned above are more efficient and effective, the Focal K2 Power 130KR are very close behind. The only downside is possibly the expensive price. Otherwise, the speakers are well worth checking out a little further.