These Are The Best 6×9 Inch Car Speaker Reviews of 2020| Our Top Rated Auto Speakers

Finding the right car speakers is time consuming. What makes it harder is that getting the right speaker size for your vehicle is important. Fortunately, we've taken the time to review what we consider the best 6x9 car speakers. We'll go into detail about the good, the bad, and whether they were worth the price.

KICKER DS65.2+ DS693 6.5"+ 6x9"

Very moderately priced, the Kicker DS65.2 car speakers are a great value for the money. A high performance speaker, these utilize a high tech cone system, a ribbed surround, and heavy-duty voice coils, whilst managing to maintain a reduced mounting depth that allows them to be easily upgraded in a vehicle's doors or kick panels.

Additionally, these speakers will give you a clear middle frequency and precise highs that are the standard mark of a great-sounding audio system. These drop-in factory upgrade are quite easy to fit in any vehicle, as well as being able to can handle 140 watts of MAX power per speaker; which is 280 watts per pair, and 70 watts of RMS power per speaker; which is140 watts per pair. Some of the main features of these speakers are:

  • The Kicker DS693 comes with140 Watt each which equates to 280 Watts per pair
  • Additionally, the Ribbed UV-treated surround gives precise linear excursion and optimum sound which improves the overall experience of users
  • The heavy duty motor structure allows for improved performance
  • The woofers and extended voice Coil (EVCTM) technology guarantees ultra-clean bass
  • The balanced dome tweeters gives outstanding definition
  • The speakers are quite easy to install
  • The half inch, balanced dome, polyetherimide tweeters supply outstanding definition and also add to improved experience
Kicker DS60 and DS693

The Kicker DS60 6.5 inch 200 watt 2-- way speaker is an easy to install speaker that provide clear middle frequencies as well as precise highs thus giving you a great-sounding audio system. This speaker system comes equipped with woofers that use a heavy duty motor structure as well as an Extended Voice Coil (EVCTM) technology that is not normally found in factory provided speakers.

These thus create fairly good performances as well as giving you an ultra-clean bass. Additionally, the polypropylene cones with ribbed, UV-treated surrounds give precise linear excursion and optimum sound as well. In addition, the half inch balanced dome, as well as the polyetherimide tweeters does give outstanding definition, thus ensuring value for money.

Conversely, the Kicker DS693 speakers have middle and high frequencies that will ultimately complete the musical quality of your ride. Additionally, the Kicker DS693 utilizes a high tech cone, heavy duty voice coils, and ribbed surround, while importantly, managing to reduce the mounting depth making it easy for upgrades in the vehicle's doors or kick panels. Moderately priced, these speakers represent value for money. Some of the main features of the speakers include:

  • The KICKER DS60 6.5" 200 Watt is a 2 Way Car Audio Speakers that comes in Pair
  • The RMS Power Handling is 100 Watts per Speaker equating to 50 Watts per Pair
  • The KICKER DS693 6x9" 280 WATT 3 Way Car Audio Speakers also comes in pair
  • The 70 Watt RMS (140 Watt Pair)
  • The drop in factory upgrade makes it easy for it to be able to fit into any vehicle
JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches

The JBL GTO939 speaker is a part of the hugely popular JBL GTO Series high-fidelity speakers. This speaker offer an upgrade for those music lovers and in fact enhances your driving experience whilst listening to music.

Durable and easy to install, these speakers are innovative and specially built for the most difficult of environments and conditions both within and outside of any vehicle. These speakers are specially designed with a carbon injected cone material that accurately reproduces the music just the way the artist originally intended it to be. Additionally, the three ohm voice coils allows the speaker to operate at a very efficient 4 ohms whenever they are powered; this actually enables the speakers to use to all of watt of power the head unit or 4ohm stable amplifier can produce.

Also contributing to the professional sound of the JBL GTO939 is the fact that the speaker also has a vented magnet with a high thermal-capable voice coil thus killing any heat that may be emitted; thus ensuring the longevity of your investment in these speakers. Additionally, the edge-driven speaker cones give greater sound levels without diminishing the amount of power produced by the speaker.

The wide frequency response range means that the speakers will make you very satisfied when you're listening to your favorite songs. Relatively cheap, these speakers are pure quality and the technologies that make up the JMB will ensure that you do get value for your money. Some of the main features of these speakers include:

  • The speaker’s power handling capacity is peaked at 600 watts per pair, with a maximum of 300 each
  • The RMS is impressive at 200 watts per pair, with 100 watts each
  • These car speakers come with a recommended power of 5-100 watts RMS each
  • The speakers are made from carbon injected materials, thus maintaining the originality of your music
  • The patented plus one woofer cone technology actually increases output without using any extra power, which is impressive
  • The ohm voice coils that make up for any and problems that would have normally been encountered by thin factory wiring
  • The speakers come with a Butyl Rubber speaker surround
  • Additionally the two edge driven soft dome tweeters that are fabric are a classy touch
  • The speaker comes with an adjustable 0 or 3+ decibel tweeter level attenuation
  • Comes equipped with a high temperature voice coil
  • The vented magnet motor structure that cools the voice coils thus preserving the longevity of your speakers
  • The speakers also come with a Fiberglass reinforced Plastic basket
  • An enclosed magnet boot cover also for added protection
  • The speaker also comes with a 3 ohms impedance
  • The speakers come with a frequency response of 46-21000 Hz
  • They also come with a top mount dept of 2 13/16 inch
  • The speakers come with a sensitivity of 94 decibels
  • A dedicated 12dB/octave, and a high quality crossover components direct the highs and lows to the appropriate speakers for the best sound possible
Infinity Kappa 693.11

The nominal impedance of these Infinity Kappa 693.11 allow for compensation for any added resistance in thin factory installed speaker wiring and thus provides more output than factory speakers in its class.

Priced a little higher than some of the other speakers, these speakers also represent value for money and the high sensitivity of the Kappa Series makes it really ideal for upgrading a factory installed system’s existing speakers and it is a given that you will experience very noticeable fidelity improvements.

The nice looking chrome inserts on the grille represents modern interiors plus there are no visible mounting screws, which adds to the overall look of the product. Hence, the modern look, definitely compliment the highs and strong lows of your music.

The Kappa series speakers are perfect for any factory or aftermarket sound system making it one of the best in its class that is available on the market. Some of the Main features of the Infinity Kappa 693. Speakers include:

  • The Power Handling is quite impressive with a Peak of 660 watts per pair equating to 330 watts each
  • The RMS stands at 220 watts per pair thus equating to 110 watts each
  • Another feature is that the Carbon Injected Glass Fiber cone material
  • The 1 inch Soft Dome edge driven Fabric tweeter construction gives a classy and elegant look
  • Another feature that the Plus One cone technology offers more cone area than other speakers in its class hence a marked difference as well
  • The speakers are very durable
  • Speakers comes with a sensitivity of 96 decibels
  • A frequency response of 35 – 30000 Hz
  • An impedance per voice coil of 2 ohms which is quite impressive
  • A top mount depth of 3 – 3/16 inch

These are the best speakers that are available in the 6 inch x 9 inch class. Listed in order there is no doubt that their rank is well supported by their performance levels.