Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews Of 2017 | Top Rated Under Seat Powered Subwoofers

Do you think you need an under seat subwoofer? Well there are quite a few important things that you will have to ask yourself, for you to be completely satisfied and happy with your subwoofer.

One of these crucial things that you should ask yourself include; size as these subs are not going to magically transform your vehicle into a category 5 hurricane of bass as compared to what those larger subs would do.

These are not the best choices if it is that you are looking for earth shaking bass (competition subwoofers are a better option if you do want that amount of base), however, I can guarantee you that they can most certainly give a good level of depth as well as punch to please your musical appetite. Under seat subwoofers are fairly easy to install and because of their mall stature in size they make really great add on to most existing factory stereo systems.

Top Under Seat Seat Subwoofers Comparison 

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  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • Includes wired remote for control
  • 75 watts RMS power

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  • Great for larger vehicles
  • Durable subwoofer
  • RMS: 300 Watts

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  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Variable low pass filter and subsonic filter
  • A wired remote lets you easily control the subwoofer

Whilst these subwoofers may have some disadvantages when they are compared to larger subwoofers, however, the smaller subwoofers gain the competitive advantage in vehicles that are strapped for space. Due to their size, specifically under seat subwoofers can actually fit anywhere hence making them best suited for compact and sport vehicles.

Before I go ahead and review what I think and what seems to be a popular consensus amongst users of what we think are the best under seat subwoofers available on the market are, I think it would be best to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a subwoofer. Here goes!


The most obvious advantage so far is the fact that these under seat subwoofers are really small. Whilst they may vary a bit and each of them has a different size, look, and configuration. The various pros of under seat subwoofers generally have to do with their lightness and portability.

Due to their mounting location and space constraints presented by some sport vehicles, they must be lighter and compact. Not only are they light but they are very portable as well hence they do not weigh down your vehicle and are fairly easy to move.

It is important to note that this is a major difference between a regular subwoofer and a under seat subwoofer. Well it would be pretty rhetoric to ask why is this important as the way these usually mounted in your vehicle it is paramount that not only are they lighter than the regular ones but that they are also easier to install, remove as well as transported outside the vehicle. In this under seat subwoofer review we'll go over the pros and cons of each sub.


Well there is always the disclaimer that the bass as well as the quality of the sound are not what you will really expect after persons have used a shallow mount subwoofer; In fact this is a bone of contention as Shallow mount subwoofers have seemingly notoriously been known to lack bass as well as the low end frequencies reproduction.

In fact, this is due to the fact that their small size and compactness design as well as the fact that their power handling capabilities are generally low when compared to larger subwoofers. This has actually inconvenienced many persons, especially those who appreciate genuine, crisp, clear quality sounding music.

Ok, let me get straight into the meat of the matter and not attempt to bore you will all these stuff. Whilst I try to help you listen to your music the way you like by finding the best and most reliable under seat subwoofer that will suit your style as well as suit your budget.

However, let me state emphatically that this list may not be exclusive, as there are really and truly a lot of really good under seat subwoofers that are available on the market, but this list is generated not only on popular consensus but also on price to performance ratio. Please so enjoy!

Best Under Seat Subwoofers Reviews

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Talk about power and big performance in a small package; this is exactly what this Kenwood's Super Slim Powered, Compact Subwoofer brings to the….. well your car.

Whilst this subwoofer may look small, it delivers incredible bass whilst being able to fit under the seat of most vehicles.

This subwoofer will most definitely produce a low frequency response that if not equal, is more than that produced by larger subwoofers that you may install in your trunk or that of a rear deck speaker.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that if it is that you actually want to reinforce your bass system without using a lot of space, I'll gladly tell you that this subwoofer is the perfect solution to this problem.

This subwoofer has gone over and above in an attempt to optimize its performance. The subwoofer tries to give the largest bang by fitting an 8-1/4" x 5-1/8" woofer into this small and compact enclosure.

Additionally, the subwoofer offers durability and protection on your investment as it actually has a rigid aluminum enclosure eliminates rattles hence always maintaining that clean, clear and crisp sound quality that you will most definitely enjoy and love. In addition the hardened and durable built in amplifier actually sends to the speaker 75 watts RMS, which is definitely impressive for its size.

There is also a wired remote which allows you the option of controlling the bass from the convenience and comfort of your driver's seat. This subwoofer also includes wiring harness as well as mounting brackets to safely secure your subwoofer thus giving you that added level of comfort. For its compactness, performance and price, it definitely represents value for your hard earned money.

  • Size: 5x8 inches 
  • Frequency Response: 35 - 125 HZ
  • Impedance: N/A
  • Depth: 7 - 1/2 inches
  • Height: 2 - 3/4 inch
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Woofer Material: N/A
  • Finish Material: Metal/Plastic
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 75 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: 150
  • Sensitivity: N/A

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The Pioneer TSSWX2502 is actually built for the larger vehicles due to its size such as pickup trucks etc. This subwoofer comes pre loaded and actually uses an oversized cone in order to a louder and deeper bass. 

This is a rigid and durable subwoofer that also represents a good investment of your money as because of its built and material composition, it has the ability to serve you for a long period.

The subwoofer is a real bargain, you can check here.


  • Size: 10 inches 
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 125 Hz 
  • Impedance: 4 ohms 
  • Depth: 13 - 7/8 inches
  • Height: 6" 
  • Width: 18 - 5/8 inches 
  • Woofer Material: Mica Injected Polypropylene (MIPP) 
  • Finish Material: N/A 
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 300 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: 1200 watts 
  • Sensitivity: 93 db

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The SSL LOPRO8 is a fairly new subwoofer on the market that gives strikes a perfect balance between giving a low frequency response in a small or limited amount of space.

The amplified subwoofer box can be fitted under almost any car seat and actually comes with RCA's low and high level inputs, as well as a remote subwoofer level control that gives to the option to change the bass level whilst you are driving.

Additionally, there is a thermal, and a short and overload protection circuit that helps protect your investment as well, low pass and subsonic filters, as well as a soft delay remote turn-on. This subwoofer is also a good buy.


  • Size: 8 inches 
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 150 HZ 
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 400 watts
  • Maximum wattage: 600 watts 
  • Sensitivity: 90 db

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Is it that you are looking for a subwoofer that will shake your core and get your vehicle rocking like a front stage attendee at a rock concert? Well the Clarion Mobile SRV250 Powered Subwoofer may not be the best option for you if that is what you are looking for.

In fact, this subwoofer is best for you if it is that you want to add a little, subtle and gentle punch to your bass without all that earth shattering shaking of your vehicle.

Fairly commendable is the fact that the Clarion's SRV303 powered subwoofer actually combines its 7 inch speaker with a built in amplifier that is 64 watt amplifier in such a small and compact ported enclosure.

In fact this subwoofer is so small that you can actually fit it in places that a normal subwoofer would not fit, such as underneath the front seat of your car, even if it is a small car. Additionally, even though it fits under youtr car the performance and clarity of the sound being emitted is not hampered thus you are still able to enjoy clean, clear and crisp sound for your listening pleasure.

Additionally, the low pass filter allows you to tweak the bass based on the needs of your vehicle, whilst the phase switch optimizes the subwoofer's performance. Such is the versatility of this subwoofer that you can connect it to any unit in any car, due to its preamp and speaker level inputs. Additionally, the control panel is detachable and comes with a 16-foot cable for remote use that allows you to change your base level from the comfort of your front seat.


  • Size: 7 inches 
  • Frequency Response: 30-200 HZ 
  • Impedance: N/A 
  • Depth: 9 - 1/8 inches 
  • Height: 25 - 15/16 inch 
  • Width: 13 - 5/8 inches 
  • Woofer Material: Not Given 
  • Finish Material: aluminum 
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 64 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: 120 
  • Sensitivity: N/A

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The Kicker Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer can fit almost anywhere and still perform wonderfully and powerfully. Standing just on the upside of being 3 inches tall, this sub fits under a lot of seats and be stored in places that you would not normally find powered subwoofers.

This is a very powerful subwoofer, that has a built in 150 watt RMS amplifier that delivers a really strong bass that does not only give depth to your music but also adds punch to any type of music you are listening to as well. Hands down it is the best powered subwoofer on the market.

The subwoofer is a performance driven subwoofer that thrives on magnificently performing. Multifaceted, this sub can hit low notes that will undoubtedly shake your car to its core, this more so if they are mounted in the interior of the vehicle.

Additionally, the remote control bass knob allows you to adjust the bass level that is on the fly as well giving you access to Nylon straps with the world renowned Velcro® fasteners that mount the sub thus leading to a secure subwoofer. In addition there is a very quick disconnect harness that does not only have power but it also has a signal wiring that definitely makes the subwoofer easier to install as well.

Additionally, this subwoofer actually comes with a remote control that enables fine tuning the bass levels and controlling the bass overall. There is also an adjustable low pass cross over, 2 automatic options for turning on the device, a variable of plus 6 decibels bass boost, and a cancellation phase switch that is for maximum output.

Overall this subwoofer allows you to really enjoy your music whilst driving. This is definitely one of the best under seat subwoofer that is available on the market - especially if you want one that is tight and compact.


  • Size: 8 inches 
  • Frequency Response: 25 - 120 HZ 
  • Impedance: N/A 
  • Depth: 9 3/8 inches 
  • Height: 1 - 1/4 inch 
  • Width: 14 - 1/4 inches 
  • Woofer Material: Not Given 
  • Finish Material: Aluminum 
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 150 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: N/A 
  • Sensitivity: N/A
  • Updated July 2, 2019