Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews Of 2020 | Top Rated Under Seat Powered Subwoofers

Most factory car stereo systems suck. They typically lack clear and rumbling bass that can only be achieved by a quality dedicated subwoofer. If you’re feeling this pain and want a simple solution, we think an underseat subwoofer might just give you that extra bass you’re looking for.

Our Top Pick


Kicker has created a flagship product when it comes to under-seat subwoofer. You can’t go wrong with this option, so we’re happy to say it’s our top pick for under-seat subwoofers.

  • Remote Control Included
  • Compact
  • Configurable
  • Great Sound Quality

Why you should purchase underseat subwoofers

You’re probably wondering why should install underseat subwoofers over the other types of subwoofers mentioned above. It really comes down to six things:
  • Space
  • Installation
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Weight


Underseat subwoofers do not have the same huge footprint that other subwoofers will have on your vehicle. You don’t have to sacrifice your trunk space or destroy your rear deck trying to install kick-ass subwoofers. If you want the best subwoofer you can get in the least amount of space, you should go with an under seat subwoofer.


Installing Under Seat Subwoofers is normally much easier than the other subwoofer options. These under seat powered subwoofers often times have amplifiers built into them. There’s no need for an external amplifier, but having one would give a nice boost. If you don’t want to run wires all over your car, this is a good option.


These powered underseat subwoofers are often much cheaper to install than other subwoofers because of the built-in amplifier. Professional installation for these subwoofers are cheaper than other subwoofers depending on your personal setup. You should seek out a professional for quotes on the installation of an underseat subwoofer. I personally had one installed in my car for just under $150, and although I didn’t get quotes, I think this is significantly cheaper than the cost to install a larger set of subwoofers.


Underseat subwoofers have much better energy dynamics than larger subwoofers. Because these speakers are not as large, they will not require as much power to be driven. Your alternator and battery will last longer not having to drive a huge speaker system, and you will save money on gas in the long run.


Underseat subwoofers have an advantage when it comes to performance…. sometimes. They have the biggest advantage for the person who sits right above the sub. Because this speaker is mounted below the seat, you can truly get a butt-rumbling experience while driving. If this is your desire, we think an underseat powered subwoofer will be a good addition to your vehicle.


Under Seat Subwoofers are typically pretty lightweight. This makes the subwoofers ideal for lighter cars where weight distribution is important. If this is important to you, you will know it.
Subwoofer Wall

Why you shouldn’t purchase underseat subwoofers

Underseat subwoofers are a great addition for many car audio systems. However, there are some drawbacks you should consider when deciding to purchase an underseat subwoofer. Here’s three things to consider before purchasing an underseat subwoofer:
  • Sound quality
  • Customizability
  • Location
Sound Quality
The biggest compromise you face when deciding to go with powered underseat subwoofers is that the audio quality is not the same as a large powered subwoofer.


These subwoofers are not as customizable as their custom counterparts. Due to the location-specific installation, these subwoofers come with casings that are designed specific for that application. This will make a big difference to a very small group of people.


The location of these subwoofers mean they fire upwards directly into a car seat. Subwoofers and most other speakers are directional, and they are not in an ideal position if they are mounted firing up from a front seat. You might be in the position where this is the only practical place to mount your subwoofer. If you are in that position, we still do recommend getting an underseat subwoofer.

Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews

Great Performer for a Decent Price

Kenwood’s Super Slim Powered, Compact Subwoofer delivers power and big performance in a small package. Although this subwoofer may look small, it delivers incredible bass for the shallow size. You can put this under the seat of most vehicles.

This subwoofer produces a low frequency response that is pretty decent. It is not more than larger subwoofers that you may install in your trunk or that of a rear deck speaker, but in our experience, it gets the job done.


This subwoofer is also good if you have subwoofers, but you want a little bit of extra overkill in your car audio system. This subwoofer has gone over the industry standards in an attempt to optimize its performance. The subwoofer tries to give the largest bang by fitting an 8-1/4″ x 5-1/8″ subwoofer into this small and compact enclosure.

Additionally, the subwoofer offers durability and protection on your investment because it has a rigid aluminum enclosure eliminates rattles and always maintains that clean, clear and crisp sound quality. In addition, the hardened and durable built in amplifier sends 75 watts RMS to the speaker, which is definitely impressive for its size.
Another feature of this underseat subwoofer is the wired remote that comes with it. It allows you to control the subwoofer bass from the convenience and comfort of your driver’s seat.
This subwoofer also includes wiring harness and mounting brackets to safely secure your subwoofer. For its compactness, performance and price, it definitely represents value for your hard-earned money.


  • Size: 5×8 inches
  • Frequency Response: 35 – 125 HZ
  • Impedance: N/A
  • Depth: 7 – 1/2 inches
  • Height: 2 – 3/4 inch
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Woofer Material: N/A
  • Finish Material: Metal/Plastic
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 75 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: 150
  • Sensitivity: N/A
The world of speakers can be a little confusing because although they pretty much look the same, there are massive amounts of quality differences. We always tell consumers who are questioning speaker quality to go with brands that have made a name for themselves. Infinity has made a huge name for themselves in the car speaker market, and it’s for good reason.
You will find the sound signature of this underseat subwoofer some of the best you can get due to the clarity this brand of speaker provides. If you’re looking for a high-quality underseat subwoofer, this one is good.
You will have to buy extra equipment for this subwoofer, but this is the best you’re going to get, so we think it’s worth it. Amazon recommends buying the installation cables and the speaker together, and this package is indeed compatible and will allow you to get the best audio quality out of your car audio system.



  • Size: 8 inches
  • Frequency Response: 35 – 120 Hz
  • Depth: 9-7/8 inches
  • Height: 2-13/16 inches
  • Width: 9 – 7/8 inches
  • Woofer Material: Mica Injected Polypropylene (MIPP)
  • Finish Material: N/A
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 125 Watts

The SSL LOPRO8 is a fairly new subwoofer on the market that gives strikes a perfect balance between giving a low frequency response in a small or limited amount of space. You can get this subwoofer in 10inch and 8 inch varients.

The amplified subwoofer box can be fit under almost any car seat and actually comes with RCA’s low and high level inputs, as well as a remote subwoofer level control that gives to the option to change the bass level while you are driving.

Additionally, there is a thermal, and a short overload protection circuit that helps protect your investment. It also features low pass and subsonic filters, as well as a soft delay remote turn-on. This subwoofer is also a good buy.

This is our highest wattage subwoofer on the list, so if you’re looking for something loud, this is your subwoofer.


  • Size: 8 inches or 10 inches
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 150 HZ
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 400 watts
  • Maximum wattage: 600 watts
  • Sensitivity: 90 db

This subwoofer is probably the only 12 inch subwoofer that will fit under a car seat. It’s very silim, and it’s only for serious consumers. This subwoofer is our highest performing on the list, and it’s a little large for a lot of car seats. Take some measurements and see if it will be a good fit for your vehicle.

We’re pretty impressed with Rockville’s take on the underseat subwoofer. It’s in a custom-built enclosure for this subwoofer, and it’s got great build quality. Not only is the build quality great, the sound clarity is the best of the underseat subwoofers we have tested. You will be able to enjoy clean, clear and crisp sound for your listening pleasure.

You can purchase this subwoofer in 10 inch, 12 inch, 12 inch vented, and dual 12 inch vented variations, which makes it the most customizable option on this list. Additionally, the control panel is detachable for remote use that allows you to change your base level from the comfort of your front seat.


  • Size: 12 inches
  • Frequency Response: 30-200 HZ
  • Impedance: N/A
  • Depth: 10.1 inches
  • Height: 18.2 inch
  • Width:  26.5 inches
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 300 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: 1200 Watts

The Kicker Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer can fit almost anywhere and still perform wonderfully and powerfully. Standing just on the upside of being 3 inches tall, this sub fits under a lot of seats and be stored in places that you would not normally find powered subwoofers.

This is a very powerful subwoofer, that has a built in 150 watt RMS amplifier that delivers a really strong bass that does not only give depth to your music but also adds punch to any type of music you are listening to as well. Hands down it is the best powered subwoofer on the market.

The subwoofer is a performance driven subwoofer that thrives on magnificently performing. Multifaceted, this sub can hit low notes that will undoubtedly shake your car to its core, this more so if they are mounted in the interior of the vehicle.

Additionally, the remote control bass knob allows you to adjust the bass level that is on the fly as well giving you access to Nylon straps with the world renowned Velcro® fasteners that mount the sub thus leading to a secure subwoofer. In addition there is a very quick disconnect harness that does not only have power but it also has a signal wiring that definitely makes the subwoofer easier to install as well.
Additionally, this subwoofer actually comes with a remote control that enables fine-tuning the bass levels and controlling the bass overall. There is also an adjustable low pass cross over, 2 automatic options for turning on the device, a variable of plus 6 decibels bass boost, and a cancellation phase switch that is for maximum output.
Overall this subwoofer allows you to really enjoy your music whilst driving. This is definitely one of the best under seat subwoofer that is available on the market – especially if you want one that is tight and compact.


  • Size: 8 inches (20.32 cm)
  • Frequency Response: 25 – 120 HZ
  • Impedance: N/A
  • Depth: 9 3/8 inches
  • Height: 1 – 1/4 inch
  • Width: 14 – 1/4 inches
  • Woofer Material: Not Given
  • Finish Material: Aluminum
  • Amplifier Response (RMS): 150 Watts
  • Maximum wattage: N/A
  • Sensitivity: N/A

Under Seat Subwoofers vs Powered Car Subwoofers vs Competition Subwoofers

Under Seat Subwoofers are fantastic for some scenarios, but fall short in others. Sometimes, you should opt for a larger subwoofer to get your desired sound quality. We generally group subwoofers into three categories on this website, Under Seat Subwoofers, Powered Car Subwoofers, and Competition Subwoofers.

Under Seat Subwoofers

There’s two types of under seat subwoofers. You can get them in powered and passive variations. In this article, we are focused on powered subwoofers. These subwoofers come with an amplifier in the speaker, and do not require an external amplifier to drive it.

These under seat powered subwoofers are not as loud as other subwoofers on the market, but they have a significant set of advantages. These speakers vibrate the seat they are installed under, which allow for a great thumping feeling from them, without the massive size of the other speakers.
These speakers are much smaller than a lot of other subwoofer options, which makes it ideal to install for a small roadster like a Mazda Miata. If space is a problem, we highly recommend going the under seat subwoofer route.

Powered Car Subwoofers

Powered car subwoofers are great for automotive enthusiasts who have the space. You will typically need a strong amplifier with these subwoofers depending on the ones you purchase.

When powered car subwoofers are installed correctly, they do generally provide for better bass than underseat subwoofers. This is because they are typically larger and have more sound reproduction power.
If you are not impressed with medium results provided by under seat subwoofers, you should consider purchasing powered car subwoofers or competition subwoofers.

Competition Subwoofers

Competition subwoofers are some of the loudest badass subwoofers you can purchase for your vehicle. You should purchase these instead of under seat subwoofers if you are looking for bass you can show off proudly. We don’t recommend these for the light-hearted. You will DEFINITELY need a strong amplifier installed in your vehicle to drive these things.


When choosing between a powered under seat subwoofer, powered subwoofer, or competition subwoofer, you should consider what exactly you are looking for.
If you are just looking to significantly improve your factory audio system with few modifications, we think you will enjoy under seat subwoofers.
If you are looking for something a little more serious that is more customizable and you have the space, we recommend you go with powered subwoofer components.
If you are looking for something that will create a category 5 hurricane in your vehicle and you have the money to spend on them, you should go with competition subwoofers.