For the Best Car Speakers, Try Competition Subwoofers

If you love good music, one of the things you’ll likely research when buying a new car is which models come with the best car speakers. Or perhaps you love your car and are doing research into the best way to upgrade your sound system. No matter how nice your ride is, it’s simply no fun to cruise around with an underpowered, tinny-sounding radio playing. From tricked-out speakers to competition subwoofers, with a bit of homework, you can design the radio system of your dreams.

But My Factory System is Great!

When looking into the best car speakers, you might wonder if something like competition subwoofers is too much for your average car stereo system. Isn’t the factory system or just a run-of-the-mill speaker system enough? The thing you’ll want to know first is that factory systems—no matter how good—simply aren’t made to last. Even if they sound great on day one, their sound will begin to degrade over time. Extreme temperatures and constant use start to age the speakers and cause them to deteriorate. The change will be gradual, so you might not even notice it. One listen to an amazing aftermarket stereo system (compared to your old factory system) will make you a believer, however.

Step up Your Game with Competition Subwoofers

Ok, so you’re open to thinking about an upgrade. Where do you start? Let’s talk about subwoofers. DS18-HELLION-series-competition-subwoofers-reviews-300x300

If you’re going to take the leap into a new sound system, why not go with the absolute best? Competition grade subwoofers refer to woofers that have a high output and lots of power. They’re heavy-duty and make up one of the most important parts of your stereo system. In case you don’t know, your subwoofer is all about that bass—and without a great bass output, your system will sound frail and underpowered.

What Makes a Subwoofer Competition Grade?

Since “competition grade” is an unofficial, informal label, there are specific items you’ll want to look for to find the best subwoofer. Competition subwoofers will have cones that are made of composite or a similarly strong material. They will feature spiders that are larger than 7 inches. Their voice coils will be larger than 2.5 inches. You’ll want an Xmax excursion of 1 inch (25.4mm) or greater. Finally, look for power handling that is 1000W RMS or greater.

In addition to the woofer itself, you’ll also want a high-quality woofer box and amplifier. It’s important to be sure that your wiring is high-quality as well; you need to have wires than can handle the power of your awesome new competition subwoofer that may even keep your neighbors awake at night.

Isn’t It Overkill, Though?

Absolutely not! With commutes stretching longer and longer, we spend a huge amount of time in our cars. Why not have a fabulous sound system? Whether you’re headed to work (and need some audio caffeine) in the morning, cruising along the beach on vacation, or simply joy-riding around, why not have a sound system you can truly enjoy? And if the mood strikes you, you can always enter it into a competition!