How to Find Out if Your Car’s Subwoofer is Blown

A car subwoofer is responsible for producing the bass, which is quite important to get full sound from your car’s audio system. Hence, if you find that the bass isn’t sounding as good as it usually does, or if it seems to be completely absent, your car’s subwoofer may have blown.

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Usually, if you find that the bass is lacking from the sound you are getting from your car’s audio system, the voice coil in your car’s subwoofer may have got damaged, or something may have gone wrong with its speaker cone. Both obviously lead to a blown speaker.

To determine the exact cause of problem and even to confirm if your car’s subwoofer has really blown, you can take the following steps.

Testing connection

The last thing you would want to come across is replacing your car’s subwoofer only to find that there was just a problem with the connection. Hence, it makes sense to test the connection before deciding to replace your car’s subwoofer.

In order to test the connection, you first need to disconnect the wires from the amplifier and attach them to a 9-volt battery. Then, you simply need to listen and check if you get a brief popping sound from it. Also, you need to set the speaker cover off and check if the cone is moving while the subwoofer is attached to the battery. If it is, then the subwoofer is working fine and the problem probably lies in the connection.

However, if you don’t have a 9-volt battery, you can even use an ohmmeter or multimeter. If you are using a multimeter, you need to set the reading to ohms as you would need the final result in ohms. However, if you are using an ohmmeter, you need not do anything.

Then, simply make sure the speakers are off and check the reading you get. If its 1.0 ohms or anything above it, your subwoofer is probably working completely fine and the problem may be with something else. However, if the reading turns out to be below 1.0 or moving between different ohms, then most probably your subwoofer is blown.

Checking what the sound suggests

Well, if there’s something wrong with your car’s subwoofer, you would definitely notice the result in the sound you get from it. However, in order to understand the actual problem, you need to understand how to go about checking the voice you get from it and what it means.

You need to set the volume to the lowest level, and increase it slightly to not above the medium level. If you notice a distorting voice while doing it, the subwoofer may have blown partially and may need to be replaced soon. However, if you hear a cracking voice, then you may have definitely blown the subwoofer. Such a voice is a sure sign of blown subwoofer.

A final word

You can even check the extent of damage by simply observing the subwoofer carefully. If you find signs of minor damages, you may use a sealer to repair it. However, if there’s anything major, you may have to replace it.