Motorcycle Safety Equipment To Have For Maximum Protection

According to data from the NHTSA, a motorcyclist is 33 times more likely to die than someone driving a car, and this is because riding a bike is dangerous. Don’t be scared about the data from the NHTSA; you don’t have to worry about minor crashes as long as you have the proper protective gear on. Here at Saker Racing, we’re all about increasing safety awareness!

One of the most frequently asked question from motorcycle enthusiasts and riders isn’t about what brand of motorcycle to buy. It’s always about the equipment they can use to protect themselves and other users of the road.

Why do you need good equipment?

motorcycle crash being inspectedMotorcycles are designed for speed, but the problem is what happens to your body if you hit a moving A(another car) or stationary object (tree) at that top speed? In most cases, serious  average road surface in Americainjuries will be sustained, and in some cases, it could lead to death.

Our bodies were not designed to withstand impact at the speed at which a motorcycle travels – it’s best you use appropriate equipment to prevent death and other minor casualties.

The issue of abrasion is another reason why you need to use good gear when riding on your motorcycle.

Based on the, you can expect to lose a certain amount of flesh for every mile per hour you go over 30 when you crash. The truth is, there is more to the empirical and metric units than meets the eye, but at top speed, you can expect to lose 1.4cm or half an inch of skin and muscle from your body. This assumption is based on the fact that you are going at 44mph.

The right equipment also helps you when your body is hot as it allows the body’s natural evaporative cooling to take effect.

Here are the MUST HAVE motorcycle safety equipment:

  1. Helmet.

After buying a motorcycle, the next thing you need to purchase is a helmet. Some states have a helmet law which means you can’t ride along on the road with the wind in your hair.

man wearing red helmetSome of the major advantages of using a helmet before riding your bike is that it allows you to keep your face on your face in case of an accident. According to a study by Dietmar Otte, 45% of motorcycle accidents impacts the face.

Some crashes could drag you off the bike and continue to drag you on the pavement. While in the case of a head on collision, your body can get thrown into a glass window making you lose parts of your face. With a helmet, your face is protected at all times plus it will keep the wind out of your eyes and the bugs out of your teeth.

For those who like being mysterious, wearing a full face helmet gives that air of mystique. Batman wears a mask, as well as Zorro. The helmet gives people a small taste of what you look like.

When purchasing a helmet, you need to factor in the shape of your head and find one that fits your head perfectly. Once you find a helmet that fits you, it will hold your head all the way round with no pressure points.

  1. Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is one of the most popular and coolest pieces of safety gear that you can own. It keeps you warm and makes you look cool. They come in different sizes and materials – chances are you’ll end up owning more than one. Motorcycle safety jackets can fall into two categories – namely leather and textile. Jackets made out of textile materials can resist abrasion more with the added advantage of having water-resistant membranes capable of keeping you dry.

group of motorcycle bikersMotorcycle safety jackets come with a variety of features that you might be able to find anywhere else such as the ability to seal out cold air or allow the passage of cooling air vents. Some even have body armor that reduces the impact of crashes.

Jackets are also designed to protect you against the elements especially for those who ride a lot. You’ll often find yourself being cold on a regular basis.

Wearing a jacket might also increase your temperature. This is true during the summer where the weather could be 32 degrees Celsius, but you should wear it irrespective of the weather. At the end of the day, it is better you sweat a little when wearing it than to bleed a lot if you end up in a crash. Crashing off a bike without a safety jacket on is like taking your skin to a belt sander to scrape it off your body. A jacket makes you look cool, and it keeps your skin where it belongs – on your body.

  1. Leather Gloves

The third most important piece of safety equipment needed is a pair of riding gloves.  While the jacket and the helmet are super important – the gloves are vital as well. At the end of the day, when a crash occurs, your hand will extend out and try to protect your body. When it does succeed, the hands will end up bearing the brunt as you could be left with broken bones or even lose some motorcycle gloves with a rider

We’ve heard cases of crashes where the biker lost both femurs and some instances where they lost a finger. Gloves, won’t protect you against everything out there but they can help if you end up in a crash. They are way better than having your bare hands protect your body. Our hands are a necessity to our body – we need them to do stuff, and they need to be protected at all times. We advise you get a jacket that extends to your gloves or a glove that extends underneath the jacket. There should be an overlap between the two, so we don’t get to see any skin exposed.

When purchasing a glove, make sure it has a retention strap around the wrist. This strap is needed to have it stay on your hand in the case of a crash. After that, you want your gloves to have abrasion resistant materials (as with the jacket) and protected stitching.

  1. Safety Pants

When it comes to pants suitable for motorcycling, your regular denim will not do much good for you. You need pants or jeans that are made from Kevlar panels. This kind of jeans tend to come with abrasion resistance that offer protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. As with jackets, pants also come in leather and textile materials with some brands being equipped with CE-armor in the hips and knees. Whatever you do, make sure you get pants that are comfortable and allow for full leg circulation. Wear them and try them on a bike to be sure it’s a good fit.

Buying trendy pants that are comfortable to wear around means you can ride to your destination and still wear your motorcycle jackets on your cool motorcycle pants and still look super cool.