Motorcycle Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but that doesn’t mean they are safer than cars. For beginners, you need to be more careful when driving around in it, so you don’t bring injury to others or worse, to yourself.

Here are some top quality riding tips for a motorcyclist that can be used by anybody – straight from Saker Racing!

You want to be prepared at all times before taking your bike out. We created this article to help you out

1. Get some training

man riding around conesMen are known for their egos and independence. Lots of people get on their bikes without prior training and expect to be able to ride perfectly that instant. You need to be trained.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has training programs all across the States, and these classes are perfect for learning everything about riding a bike from clutching and brake control . There are classes for experienced riders as well, so you can upgrade based on your previous knowledge.

2. Proper gear

You should not ride a bicycle as a newbie on t-shirt and jeans – you won’t be protected when a crash occurs. No one straps up and expects an accident but when you’re a beginner, falling over is more likely to happen.

This is why you need to wear protection. Open face helmets are good, but they don’t offer much protection for your face while half helmets offer minimal protection for the head. At the end of the day, what matters is what the rider prefers. Other parts of your body should be well protected as well. Wear a good pair of gloves, leather jackets with denim trousers that are Kevlar lined.

3. Look First

When riding a bike in traffic, always watch where you want to go before going there. So if you want to turn into the corner, but there is a pothole, don’t stare at it while driving. Look at it once but keep it in your peripheral vision and focus on where you are going.

4. Watch the Driver’s Head

When driving in between cars, watch the head movement of the driver to determine their moves. Most drivers won’t move to another lane without moving their head from one angle to another. Even when they don’t check their mirrors – they will still move their heads.

5. Ride Defensively

When driving on the road, always stay defensive. Don’t assume anything or take chances but be defensive.riding bike around cones

There are lots of ignorant drivers out there who will rather spend their time chatting on their mobile or fiddle for their iPod to find a Kiss song than to focus on their environment.

Anticipate every move before it happens around you. Never assume other road users see you – always ride defensively. Have it at the back of your mind that other drivers will do something stupid and always be ready for it when it happens.

6. Cover Your Brakes

In traffic, you must be ready at all times and swift to react which means you must not fumble while reaching out for your brake pedal or lever. To minimize your reach time in traffic, place a finger or two on the level and your right toe close to the rear brake pedal.This ensures your protection when a crazy driver cuts across your path unexpectedly.

7. Be visible

comparing bright and dark motor clothesMake sure other drivers and pedestrians can see you from afar, and this means riding with your high beam on during the day. Also, endeavor to wear brightly colored gear especially for the helmet as this is the first thing pedestrians will see from afar. There are lots of fashionable suits and jackets available on the market, so you don’t have any excuse not to get one.

8 Watch Out For The Left Turns

While riding your bike, you will be approached by all kinds of vehicles. But when approached by a car that wants to turn left, be ready and have your brights on so the driver can see you. This is the norm but don’t expect it to save you.

The most important thing you can do here is to watch the driver’s hand on the steering wheel. Use this to determine your next line of action but be ready to accelerate, swerve in the opposite direction or brake – whichever seems appropriate for the situation.

7. Maintain your Motorcycle

ducati motorcycle being repairedThere are a lot of things you can do with your motorcycle, but if you don’t maintain it, you won’t have it for long. Wash and wax your bike often.

Keeping your bike clean will make it look fresh and keep the dirt and gunk off it. Regular cleaning and maintenance also help you identify parts that need to be replaced or areas that need future repair.

Check your oil and ensure the tires are properly inflated – this affects your handling on the road and could have an impact on how you react to a turn. Inspect your chain drive for the proper tension – chains are often expensive and you don’t want to replace yours if there is no need to.