MCBK420B Boss Motorcycle Speakers Review | Boss the Roads in Style

Not satisfied with your motorcycle’s built in sound system? Playing your music while going on a long motorcycle ride can get dull and boring without your tunes. What you need to get is a whole new speaker system, and one that has Bluetooth compatibility is the way to go.

Our MCBK420B Boss motorcycle speakers review gives you an in-depth look at a great motorcycle speaker system. Read further to find out why you need to buy this to improve the sound and quality of the music you ride to.

Boss the Roads in Style

If you’ve never heard of a motorcycle amplifier with Bluetooth than you’ve not been paying attention. Don’t just be limited to what’s on the radio while you’re on the road cruising with your bike.

With Boss motorcycle speakers you can listen to anything you have on your phone or other mobile device, all through your bike’s speakers.

The speakers are black (or chrome) and sleek looking, adding just the right amount of style to your bike while you enjoy your favorite beats. 

A Totally Foursome Setup for The Modern Biker!

This UTV speaker system comes with it’s own amp, and comes with either two or four speakers (your choice!). Listening power is great with just two, but with four speakers you’ll truly be blown away.

Use this setup on any bike: ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, snowmobiles, or even boats. Anywhere you need a powerful stereo system that will work in all kinds of weather. Waterproof and shockproof, these babies can handle anything.

Speaker Type

The speakers that come with this system are marine-grade speakers. They are 3” in size, waterproof and weatherproof, and offer a full range of sound no matter where you use them. The manufacturer also provides a 3 year warranty for the speakers and the amp. 

You can get them in matte black or chrome, whichever suits your bike the best. 


The included amp, which is super easy to install and use, has a peak power of 600 watts, producing a deep and intense sound unlike any other.

It also runs at about 80 Hz to 15 khz, and it’s total harmonic distortion is way less than 0.01%, which means it provides the perfect sound.

The Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch 300 Watt 4 Channel Boosted Rail Amplifier, however runs consistently at 400 watts, with an 800 watt peak power, so it is more powerful than even the MCBK420B. 

Input Sources

The Boss MCBK420B uses only a 12V power source and comes with the necessary 12V power cable to plug into your bike’s power adapter.

Connecting using a pair of RCA inputs and a 3.5 mm Aux input. Volume control is on the amp rather than on the speakers, giving you the freedom to put the amp anywhere you feel comfortable. 

Bluetooth connectivity is super easy and supports apps like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and more. It also helps against all those bumps in the road that usually makes your music skip. Or, if you’d rather, you can use the AUX input to play your favorite tunes.

The Kenwood 1177524 Compact Automotive Amplifier, which is a 4 channel amp that also allows for connecting through Bluetooth. However, it’s peak wattage is only 400w, and it is also far more expensive than the Boss MCBK420B. The Kenwood does come with a wired remote control, making it super easy to adjust volume or skip songs.

Waterproof Design

Most bike amplifiers boast a waterproof and weatherproof design, but many don’t quite deliver like the Boss MCBK420B motorcycle speakers do. They will stand up against any sun, wind, rain, or snow. Running through puddles is a thing of the past, as your speakers will keep going on.

We do recommend being careful, as they are not meant to be dipped or submerged in water. The waterproof design is only meant to protect the speakers from any encountering any unintended water through weather or road conditions.

Mounting Options

The kit comes with everything you need to mount the speakers to your bike, wherever you need the sound to come from, including various sized brackets and clamps for handlebars ¾ of an inch to 1 ¼ inches. No matter your handlebar size, you should be able to easily mount your speakers. 

If you purchase the Rockford Fosgate amp, however, you don’t have to worry about mounting options for any speakers.

It just plugs right into your current speaker system, and then you can slip it into your saddlebag or pocket. Since it has Bluetooth compatibility, you can control the volume or playlist directly from your mobile device.

Sound Quality

These speakers are high-definition and are fitted with a 3-inch full-range driver, making sure that the speakers deliver the widest range of sound, making the sweet spot sweeter. This enables you to be able to clearly hear your music even above loud engine sounds (yours and any vehicles around you). 

The amp included is a class a/b type 2, and is a high quality motorcycle amp, more efficient than some amps out there. The only amp that outshines the Boss MCBK420B is the Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4.

The Rockford amp includes a subwoofer, so your music gets that extra punch it needs, really delivering the best sound quality, maybe even slightly better than the Boss speaker system. It also uses Rockford’s patented BRT (Boosted Rail Technology), utilizing internal capacitors to store energy and provide the best power possible. It is also enforced with Kevlar, making it much more durable to weather and the road.

If you don’t need an extra set of speakers, the Rockford amp is a great choice. It does come at a much higher price point than the Boss MCBK420B, but it’s worth it for the sound quality it delivers.

Extra Features

Probably the best feature of the Boss MCBK420B motorcycle stereo with Bluetooth is the price, as it comes in well under $100. Perfect if you’re shopping for an amp on a budget. 

Still, the Rockford Fosgate is going to be a better amp, though it comes much heavier on the wallet. 

Boss Network and Communication Features

Many Boss products provide fun network and communication features, making it possible to connect to other riders through intercom 


Don’t hesitate to run to the store now to get your Boss MCBK420 Motorcycle Speaker system! This Bluetooth motorcycle amp comes at a great price, so your wallet will hardly feel a thing. But you will love hearing your favorite music loud and clear, without interruption, coming from the speakers once they’re mounted to your handlebars.