Pros and Cons of Buying a Motorcycle

For most people, just wanting a motorcycle is enough reason for them to get one. But there are more reasons why people decide to own a motorcycle than just the desire to own it. While owning a vehicle brings comfort, space and towing capabilities, owning a motorcycle have its benefits that make it attractive to owning a car.

Those who ride bikes are also aware of the risks that come with riding on a two wheel, but they are more motivated by the rewards of riding a motorcycle that they don’t see the risks

Pros of Owning a Motorcycle

1. Affordability

cheap bike highlightIrrespective of the state of the bike – brand new or used, a motorcycle will still cost less than the average automobile out there. Most motorcycles cost less than half the price it cost to purchase a car. Also, on the part of insuring the motorcycle, they tend to have a lower insurance outlay than automobiles. For users with a good driving record, the motorcycle insurance could lead to a hundred dollars a year in cost while car insurance will cost over a thousand dollars for a cover.

2. Fuel Efficiency

bar chart of different motorcycle's MPGWith the incessant wars in the Middle East, the price of fuel will continue to go belly up, and this makes it more expensive to own an automobile. Motorcycles are also better for the environment as they leave a smaller carbon footprint. An average motorcycle often burns at about 35 to 60 mph depending on how fast you drive and the distance covered.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Motorcycle use less oil and less fuel thereby producing fewer carbon emissions than cars. It also allows you to enjoy the environment and the fresh air blowing in your face while riding. There is always a feel good feeling knowing you are contributing to a cleaner environment.

4. Speed

The power to weight ratio of bikes gives them an edge over automobiles. This makes them more desirable for most people to own. To find a car with a huge power to weight ratio that can match the ratio of some of the most powerful bikes around, you’ll need to spend 20 X more than it cost you to purchase a motorcycle.

5. Parking

parked motorcycles in bike rackBikes are easier to park. You don’t have to look for a vacant parking space at the mall or your local recreational center. There is little stress involved in parking a bike. Maneuvering a bike into a parking space is easier to do than getting a car parked in the same space. Also, bike owners tend to have free parking spaces allotted to them at public places.

6. Community

Being a bike owner gives you access to a certain community. A cool set of people that wear expensive and specialized gear every time they step out. Because motorcycle owners are fewer than car owners, there is a certain level of respect afforded bike owners. Owning a motorcycle has its ins, outs,picture of motorcycle group and quirks in addition to the exclusivity that comes with it.

While the advantages of owning a motorcycle might seem convincing, there are some cons to it as well.

7. Awareness

It’s a bit difficult to doze off while at the wheel of a motorcycle with the wind and bugs tearing into your face. Research has shown that riding a motorbike increases cognitive functioning in riders unlike driving an automobile.

Cons of Owning a Motorcycle

1. Safety

motorcycle crash with sheriff car in backgroundThe major problem with owning a motorcycle compared to cars is that bike owners are a more prone to the risk of getting seriously injured in an accident. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,976 people died in crashes in 2015 and 88,000 were injured which represented a 4.3% reduction from the 92,000 that were injured in 2014. Crashes are inevitable, but one way to avoid them is to develop a precognitive sixth sense. A common cause of motorcycle crashes occurs when a car turns left in front of you at an intersection.

2. Lower protection

The truth of the matter is while riding a motorcycle means you will have the air all up in your face which allows you to enjoy the ride more than a car owner who is inside recycled air, you also don’t get as much protection as you would in a car. Unlike in a car, motorcycles do not have doors, airbags or a bumper to reduce the impact during crashes. The only thing that you have as the line of defense is your gear. This is why you need to wear the best motorcycle safety equipment at all times.

3. Car drivers

One of the primary cause of motorcycle accidents in America occurs when a car turns left in front of you. This often happens because the car fails to see you or judge your speed incorrectly turning right in front of you at an intersection. The truth is riding a motorcycle makes you smaller to other road users as they cannot always see you through their rear and side view mirrors.

4. Seating and Room

5 men on a motorcycleA motorcycle is a fast alternative for getting out of the house and navigating through traffic, but it also has limited seating and storage abilities. You can’t ride your motorcycle to a grocery store except if you’re heading there to buy peanut butter and jelly. You also can’t seat more than one person per time. For those who live going on vacation, you can’t ride a motorcycle with your family on a road trip. It has little seating and storage space compared to a car.

5. Weather conditions

When riding a bike during rain, you are exposed to the elements. When it rains, it pours. There are no roof or windows to protect you from the sun or rain. When it shines as well, you don’t have the luxury of an air conditioning unit to cool you off. Another disadvantage of riding a motorcycle is the difficulty you will encounter when riding on a wet or snow covered road as compared to driving through that same road in a car.

2 men on a bike with umbrellaAt the end of the day, choosing to buy a motorcycle over buying a car will have to depend on what you need it for and if the advantages outweigh the cons of owning one.