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Throughout the years, technology has changed and brought about some ingenious products. Some of these make life easier, while others give us the ability to know and understand more than ever before. The radar detector happens to be one of these items. There is nothing in the world that is worse and more annoying that getting a speeding ticket!

In order to prevent this from happened, it is vital to utilize a radar detector, which is capable of detecting a law enforcement officer, by spotting their radar gun. When you consider the price and hassle of getting a ticket, the radar detector is invaluable.

Since there are numerous radar detectors on the market, it can be somewhat difficult to purchase the very best one. What should you look for and what factors play a role in this decision? All of these questions will be answered below.

Different Types of Radar Detectors

Although radar detectors universally serve the same purpose, they’re also very much different. There are some specific elements and features that deviate from one product to the next. For instance, some of these devices are cordless, while others are corded. Also, there are several different types of bands that are utilized. When you select the band, you should know that your radar detector will only be capable of detecting that specific band of radar detectors. Each band will be explored in more depth below.

X Band – This is the very oldest, but it is still frequently used in some locations throughout the country. If you live in a region that still utilizes this band, your device will work exceptionally well. If you do not, you might receive a significant amount of false alarms.

K Band – In today’s world, approximately 30% of the radar guns given to law enforcement use this band. Although it is more accurate than the X band, it will still result in quite a few false readings.

KA Band – This is the most common band and is used for nearly 70% of radar guns. These receive the lowest number of false readings and tend to be the most accurate.

Laser – Many law enforcement agencies around the world have started to upgrade from the old bands to laser. These devices are much more accurate and tend to produce very few false readings.

When attempting to choose a radar detector, you will want to look at the product’s specifications. Although some of them are capable of analyzing each of these bands, some are not. Therefore, you will need to know the specifics, before making your decision.

If you have a particular budget there are radar detectors under $100 and radar detectors under $200. However, if you want reliabilty we suggest you stick with one of the radar detectors we've reviewed in this article. 

The Best Radar Detector Reviews 2020

Although there are many different devices on the market, none of them live up to the standards of the Valentine One Radar Detector. Although it is slightly more expensive than the others, this increased price is more than justified, when comparing its performance to its competitors. First and foremost, the device is completely lightweight and stylish. It weighs in at less than 2 pounds and measures in at 6x2.5x4 inches. This ensures that this police radar detector can rest on your dashboard, without looking strange or out of place.

valentine one radar detector


Overall, there are some brilliant features provided by this specific product. Below, you will find a list of these products for your convenience.

  • Detects and protects on various bands: X, K, Ka, Ku, Super Wideband Ka
  • Also protects you from laser detectors. 360 degrees of protection
  • Equipped with a directional indicator
  • Utilizes two antennas to keep you safe
  • Can tell you the band and strength of the radar, as well as number of bogeys or radar units being utilized

With the features listed above, you can see that you will be protected regardless of the situation you’re facing. These features make this one of the best radar detectors on the market, with many arguing it is the very best.

The Installation Process​

One of the biggest advantages of this device is its quick and nearly effortless installation. Once you’ve received the radar detector and have gotten it home, you will be able to get it installed in your vehicle, within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is position it, plug it up and turn it on. A direct connection kit is also included, if you wish to conceal all of the wires. This installation will be a little more difficult, but the specifics will depend on your vehicle’s make and model.

Universal and Superb Detection

As mentioned above, it is absolutely vital to make sure that you purchase a radar detector that is capable of detecting all of the bands currently utilized by radar guns. The Valentine One Radar Detector excels in this area. It is capable of detecting all of the various bands, including X, K Ka, Ku and even the newer Super Wideband Ka. At the same time, the device can protect you from Lasers exceptionally well. It offers three hundred and sixty degrees of protection from various types of lasers. Suffice to say, with this specific detector, you will be well aware of your surroundings.

As far as the range goes, this specific product excels and out works its competitors. Although there are some models out there that can match the quality of the Valentine on specific bands, none are as well rounded as the Valentine. It is hands down the very best radar on the market in terms of performance and detection.

Pros of The Valentine One Radar Detector

Over the years, the Valentine Radar Detectors have improved dramatically. Now that they’re at the top of the their game, they’re unmatched. Below, you will find the pros for this specific product.

  • Incredibly lengthy detection rage
  • Constantly ranked number one by the leading reputable sources
  • Capable of tracking more than one target, at once, for more protection
  • Can tell you that you’ve passed the radar, with the use of corresponding lights
  • With front and rear detectors, you will never be caught by surprise
  • The overall design and color helps to disguise the detector and keep it hidden from view
  • A very lengthy power cord, which has been superbly reinforced
  • Includes the necessary components for direct hookup
  • The suction cups on the glass mount are excellent and will never fall off
  • Volume can be adjusted or completely muted
  • Can detect false alarms and will read “J” for false alarms
  • 3 sensitivity settings to ensure that you can use the device as you desire

Although the pros definitely outweigh the cons, there are a few potential cons that should be noted. First and foremost, each band utilizes the same color of LED, which can cause confusion. EZPass has been known to active the alarm. Finally, the price is definitely a factor, which will turn away many individuals.


Although the price is definitely up there, the Valentine One Radar Detector presents the performance and longevity that make up for it! If you’ve got the money and are looking for the most reliable radar detector, this one will give you confidence that you’ve made the right choice! Once you begin to use it, you will never want to leave it behind at home!

Although the Escort Passport might not be as good as the Valentine above, it is still one of the very best on the market! In fact, there are some features provided with this specific radar detector that makes it better in some areas. The product is a little on the expensive side, but the features tend to make up for the more costly price.

The product weighs in at approximately 2.4 pound and measures in at 5.4x1.4x2.9 inches. With the overall design, shape and size, you will be able to hide the radar detector on your dashboard, without concern. Take note that this product comes with a 1-year warranty. Although this is somewhat limited, it is still very helpful and will help to alleviate the cost, if the product malfunctions, within the first year.

escort passport 9500ix

What is included?

When you purchase the Escort Passport, you will receive an assortment of different items, including a coiled power adapter and the radar detector itself. Finally, you will receive the suction cup mounting system, which is superb. Finally, a quick reference card is included and helps to ensure that you get the product up and running, without hesitation.

Location Marker

One of the most advanced aspects of this product is its GPS functionality. With this type of technology, you will be able to perform some activities and monitor more, which will protect you even more. With the GPS feature, you will be able to keep track of more information and even mark it on your map! This will give you the ability to record the location of various obstacles, including speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras. All of these things could potentially lead to a ticket, but this radar detector will prevent you from becoming a victim! Therefore, the increased cost is worth it, since it can help to prevent costly tickets. In the end, the device will save you money!

Advantages Of The Escort Passport 9500IX

Overall, there are many different things that make the Escort Passport great. Below, you will learn more about the amazing features of this specific product.

  • Excellent power cord, which is coiled
  • The window mount works exceptionally well, although it is slightly generic
  • With the GPS lockout capability, you will be able to prevent false signals from occurring. When a false alarm occurs, you will be able to push a button 3 times and block it out permanently.
  • The auto learn feature is great. Once a false signal has been activated 3 times, the device will automatically take note and lock it out. This can be more convenient than performing the task manually.

Overall, the product is mostly beneficial, although the price is expensive. Again, it might not be as reliable as the Valentine, but it is very close!

Overall Assessment of the Escort Passport 9500IX

Overall, the Escort Passport is an excellent option for anyone, who is interested in getting an innovative radar detector. The GPS technology is definitely attractive and will prove to be exceptionally helpful. If this is something that you desire, the Escort is definitely worth looking into further.

The Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector is the best wireless radar detector by far and is the only wireless one in this set of reviews.  What makes a wireless radar detector so desirable? Well, there are 4 reasons.

1. Easy to Hide

Radar detectors are illegal in some states and countries so having a wireless one is very easy to hide since you can stick it anywhere. Detectors with wires aren't so easy to hide (obviously) and you can get caught more easily if police see it. While legality isn't a problem everywhere, this IS a huge benefit to having a wireless radar detector.​

At 1.1 pounds and just 5.2 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches it is very small and easy to put anywhere (and hide)!

2. Installation​

Although radar detectors aren't too hard to install either way, cordless ones just need a battery inside them to work. In this case, all you need are 2 AA batteries. From there, all you need to do is place them in a secure spot and they are ready to go. This makes them a lot easier ​to work outside the box than other radar detectors that actually require some real setup.

3. Ease of Use

​Not having to deal with the cords and wires is another aspect that makes them appealing. Wireless radar detectors are easy to move around and look at within the car since they aren't tied down.

4. Aesthetics

When you install your detector it could go in a number of areas. Of course you want it in a place that's easily seen (otherwise what's the point in having one?). However, this means passengers can see it and the wires sticking out may not be appealing.​

How Well Does It Work?

It stacks up well against other radar detectors as well. It not only has 9 programmable features, but it also has a very long range and very few false positives (incorrectly raising the alarm when there is no radar).

Even if you're not paying attention it has good signals when it does detect something. Its high-res graphics display ​is very easy to look at as well, making this radar detector very easy to use.


If you want something easy to install and don't want people or cops seeing your radar detector then you'll definitely want a wireless radar detector. This is the best cordless radar detector by far so if you want one then check it out!​


For those that are looking for a cheaper alternative, the Escort Passport 8500 X50 should be a solid alternative. Although it is massively cheaper than the others mentioned above, it has some of the same features. For starters, this is a radar and laser detector, which is capable of detecting and analyzing all types of radar and laser. Regardless of what law enforcement is using, this device will be able to detect it right away. The product weighs in at a single pound and measures 6x2x3 inches. Although the color might not match your dashboard, the grey color scheme is very attractive.

Escort Passport 8500 X50

Comparison To The 9500IX

If you’re trying to determine, whether to buy the 8500 or the 9500, you should know the differences between both products. The biggest and most notable difference is the GPS functionality. When you select the 9500IX, you are paying a higher cost to receive a radar detector, which utilizes GPS technology. If the 9500IX had the GPS compatibility stripped from it, you would receive the 8500. Therefore, if you don’t need the GPS, the 8500 is a great product that is on par with the more expensive 9500IX in all other areas.

What Is Included?

When you purchase the Escort Passport 8500, you will receive everything you need to begin using the product right away. Aside from the police radar detector itself, you will also receive the excellent windshield mount, coiled power cord, travel case and a user manual. There is also a built-in earphone jack, if you wish to use the device with headphones. You should know that the product is protected by a 1-year warranty. This is on par with the other radar detectors on the market.

Overall Advantages

Overall, there is an assortment of beneficial features that are present with the Escort Passport. These will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Detects laser and radar in 360 degrees
  • A handy earphone jack for headphone use
  • Works with all bands of radar and laser
  • Auto sensitivity mode to help prevent false alarms
  • Maintain peace of mind with a 1-year warranty

Overall Assessment of the Escort Passport 8500 X50

Although this particular radar detector is much less costly, it is equal to some of the more expensive models. The only downside is the fact that some of the features, which are so beneficial with other more expensive models, are missing. If you’re seeking out a great, but inexpensive, radar detector, this is definitely one to check out.

Finding the perfect radar detector can be a challenge and if you are not familiar with these devices, it will be much more difficult. The Beltronics is equipped with a varactor-tuned receiver, so it is capable of detecting police enforcement radars from a long distance. This is important, if you are trying to avoid getting a citation.

Beltronics Vector V995 Radar Detector

User Friendly

While most radar detector brands are very difficult to operate, the V995 is not, since it is equipped with patented technology that offers you quick control over silencing and operating the device. The simple installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. The simple to use Windshield QuickMount will allow you to remove and install the Beltronics, in a matter of seconds, which is great for those that do not want the police officer to see their device.

Overall Assessment

The Beltronics V995 is one of the best radar detectors on today’s market. With KA, K, KU, X, and laser band capabilities, you will never get caught speeding ever again. You can find more Beltronics radar detectors here.

Some consumers will want to be able to protect themselves from speeding ticket, but won’t want to give an arm and a leg, in order to do it. With this in mind, you should check out the Whistler CR90, which is much less expensive than the other alternatives. Still, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t top notch, because it is! With three location modes and six filter modes, this radar detector will allow you to use it exactly as you wish. At 13 ounces and measuring in at 6x3x8 inches, you can guarantee that this product will be hidden from view.

Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Various Features And Pros

Despite the low price tag, this product has some awesome features, which make it well worth the money. For starters, it is equipped with voice alert and some GPS features. More pros and features will be listed below.

  • 3 city and highway modes
  • 6 filtering modes
  • An external audio jack for headphones
  • Realistic price tag, which is friendly

Overall Assessment

The Whistler CR90 might not feature all of the bells and whistles of some of the other products, but it is a good deal for the price. If you don’t need all of the additional features and want the bare minimum, the Whistler CR90 is well worth looking at.


While aesthetics is truly not an important factor that details the performance of a radar detector, many drivers will prefer a superior design and style. The Cobra XRS9670 is very aesthetically appealing and will surely make a great addition to your vehicle’s interior design.

Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Automation Technology

The XRS9670 is equipped with an auto-mute and shutdown feature, which will prevent the device from being detected and eliminate false alerts. This technology is undeniably superior, since many police officers have radar detector-detectors in their vehicle. In many states, the radar detector is illegal, so with this technology, you will be completely protected from citations or having your device confiscated.

Band Detection Capabilities

The Cobra is equipped with 6 laser, 7 radar, and 2 safety signals, along with X, K, KA, and KU bands. The 360 degree detection feature will genuinely help detect law enforcement radars from all distances, so you will be fully protected.

Overall Assessment

You will find that the Cobra XRS9670 is a superior radar detector and the price tag makes it even more so.


When attempting to purchase a sufficient radar detector, there are a number of different aspects that should be examined. Although price is important, you shouldn’t allow it to cloud your judgment. Remember that a better product will ensure that you’re able to escape tickets. Therefore, a more reliable product will ultimately save you money. Below, you will discover exactly what to look for, when purchasing a radar detector.

Your Speeding Frequency – How often do you speed, when driving your vehicle? If you never drive over the speed limit, you might not need one of these devices at all. However, if you’re a frequent speeder, you will want to make sure to purchase the very best radar detector money can buy. Know yourself and your habits, before making your decision.

Range and Sensitivity – When exploring the various products, you will want to pay close attention to range and sensitivity. Both of these are vital! Without sufficient range, your product won’t pick up the police, until it is too late. Therefore, wide range and hypersensitivity are absolutely crucial.

Ease of Use – When selecting your product, you should make sure that you choose one that is going to be easy to use and even easier to read! Don’t select a radar detector that is going to distract you, while you drive! You should be able to quickly look up and see, whether or not a police officer is nearby.

Modes and Bands – Also, you should make sure to look at the various modes and bands of your radar detector! Without the sufficient bands, your detector will be useless against today’s technology. As far as modes go, these can prove to be extremely helpful, when making the transition from the highway to the city. In this specific category, more is always better.

GPS – Remember that some of these devices are equipped with GPS compatibility. Although this will ultimately increase the overall cost, it can be extremely helpful and ensure that you avoid all possible speed traps and other types of traffic enforcement. Ultimately, most will find that paying extra will be worth it.

By using the information above and relying on your specific needs and desires, you will be able to find the very best radar detector for your specific situation and circumstances.

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