Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector Review

We all drive around with that worry; wondering if there is a speed detector up ahead, if we will get caught and subsequently get a ticket. Well the good thing is that escort passports are now available. Today I’ll be doing a review about the Escort Max2 HD Radar Detector; I know you will find it useful.

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What I like about this escort detector is the fact that this seems to be advanced amongst the escort detectors available on the market. The manufacturers were actually able to incorporate into this item an advanced military technology, which goes a far way in making the product work effective and efficient.

In fact, this advanced military technology that I am referring to is the Digital Signaling Processing (DSP); a specialized microprocessor that actually blocks SIPs. In fact maybe it is because of this enhanced technology that this escort is handsomely priced, but they are definitely worth it. It offers other nice features such as built in Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as the fact that it can be set up to suit your particular preference and driving style.

Range & Intelligence

One of the most important qualities in any GPS escort radar detector though it is range capabilities. I say this is one of the most important has the device actually has to have the capability to detect signals that are at a distance so as to give you the driver enough time to slow down to avoid being caught and ticketed. In comparing this particular product to the ones available on the market I came to the realization that this in particular is one of the best that is currently available on the market.

It actually performs better than about 99% of those available. I think it stands out where it matters most; its brainpower and software’s capacity to analyze, it is fairly intelligent. The software analysis allows for it to scan every radar frequencies very fast and thus being able to alert you to any very brief signals. This is indeed an upgrade to what the market currently offers.

Another very important feature that I like is the product’s ability to block out GPS thus preventing against false alerts. The coolest part as it relates to this is the fact that this detector actually learns overtime about false alerts and signals in the areas that you drive and actually ignores them the next time you drive there. This is automatically done; you do not have to program it to, which is actually really impressive for me.


  • Price is relatively nice for the capabilities and ability of the product, so it is worth the money
  • New multi color OLED display that allows you to blend in the system
  • Fairly easy to mount on your car, even in comparison to others that are on the market
  • Speed display limit is available on screen that can be handy


  • The Max2 tends to lose GPS lock easily
  • It’s not entirely stealth to radar detectors
  • Sticky-up thing that goes on windscreen sometimes malfunction

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